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13 Surprising Reasons Why Peter Rabbit Is So Popular

Why Is Peter Rabbit So Popular

Peter Rabbit’s a mischievous little bunny.

And he goes on many different adventures…

Some of which will leave you scratching your head.

Or even giggling to your heart’s content.

But have you ever wondered why the show’s so popular?

Continue reading to discover:

  • How Peter’s adventures teach cute lessons.
  • Why even adults can enjoy the Peter Rabbit TV Series.
  • All the different ways you can enjoy the Peter Rabbit stories.
  • And so much more…

Why is Peter Rabbit so popular? 15 surprising reasons

#1: Peter goes on silly adventures

As simple as it sounds…

That’s a good enough reason for lots of people to watch.

So whether it’s eating delicious dandelions…

Or maybe even running away from the fox…

Peter Rabbit’s got plenty of adventures.

And they’re very easy to get sucked into.

Plus, since kids tend to stay inside most of the time.

It’s a great way to imagine simple and silly adventures too.

Plus, the main character’s a rabbit.

And bunnies are so cute.

So if you add everything together…

You got the perfect formula for an addicting TV series.

Plus, if you’ve got a bunny at home…

Watching together’s a great way to bond with your rabbits.

Just avoid really high volumes because those are bad for their ears.

#2: Peter makes mistakes

Although the TV show might look like dumb fun.

Peter Rabbit isn’t a perfect bunny.

And because he’s quite the mischievous adventurer…

He makes a lot of mistakes in every episode.

But does that take away from the fun?

Not in the slightest.

In fact, it makes Peter Rabbit even more relatable.

Because he’s not a flawless goody two-shoes adventurer.

He trips and falls…

Just like any other kid his age.

And that’s why the show’s so popular.

Plus, if there’s 1 thing I know about bunnies…

It’s that rabbits make the funniest memes.

And some of the mistakes Peter makes will leave you laughing your heart out.

#3: There’s always a simple lesson to learn

Peter Rabbit might be a kid’s TV show.

But does that mean there’s nothing to learn?

Not by a long shot.

In fact, with every mistake he makes…

Peter Rabbit always finds a way to fix things.

Plus, the show doesn’t shy away from important topics too.

Like when they devoted an entire episode to anti-bullying:

Plus, it’s a great way to learn lessons too.

Because it’s not a boring lecture that toddlers and young kids can’t stomach.

In fact, even research agrees…

Showing that innovative animation cartoons are good for education. 

#4: The episodes are easy to watch

Some TV shows think going all dark and moody’s the way to go.

Not to mention the feature-length documentary durations on every episode.

But is that really the case for everyone?

Well, not exactly.

Not everybody’s got the luxury of sitting down for more than an hour.

And that type of time commitment goes double for kids.

But in Peter Rabbit’s case…

It works out just fine.

Because the episodes are very easy to watch…

Since it’s always around 10 to 12 minutes.

And if your rabbit’s looking sad

Maybe watching an episode or 2 together might just help.

#5: Peter encourages you to play

Schools are always teaching kids how to be disciplined.

And when they come home…

A lot of parents like to nag about being obedient.

But even the kindest and most loving child’s got a breaking point.

And like any young kid…

They want to have fun and be free.

So what’s this got to do with Peter Rabbit?

Well, the bunny’s always telling you to have fun…

And showing you how to get the most out of every single day.

As a result, it’s not surprising why the show got so popular. 

So just like how bunnies run really fast

Peter Rabbit never slows down when it comes to playing around.

And that’s why kids can’t get enough of him.

They want to live and let go just like Peter does in his adventures.

#6: Benjamin helps your break out of your shell

Although Peter Rabbit might be the start of the show.

Let’s not forget Benjamin Bouncer too.

And while he might not be as adventurous as Peter…

The cute little bunny’s still got a heart for exploration.

But how does this help the show get popular, you ask?

Well, shy and more sensitive kids can relate to Benjamin.

And even if he can be a bit clumsy at times…

He teaches children how to break out of their shells.

Plus, it’s a great way of showing the cons of having a rabbit too.

Because they can be very fragile like Benjamin. 

#7: Lily teaches you how to solve problems

If Peter’s the mischievous adventurer-leader.

And Benjamin’s shy but always up for overcoming challenges rabbit in the group.

Then we have Lily Bobtail as the brains of the operation.

But what makes her so special, you ask?

Well, she’s a lot more quirky and adorable than her bunny friends.

Plus, Lily’s way smarter…

Not to mention keeping a cool head even in the most stressful situations. 

In fact, research points out that it’s an important skill to learn…

Because too much stress can impact your health.

And that’s an extra point to the Peter Rabbit TV Series…

Because it’s teaching important skills through likable bunnies. 

#8: Mrs. Josephine’s love and care

Although the Peter Rabbit TV series follows the adventures of a mischievous group.

It’s not without any parental figures.

And if there’s 1 loving rabbit at the center of the show.

Then the crown definitely goes to Mrs. Josephine. Peter’s strong and loving mother.

“But how does she make the story better then?”

Well, she’s not your stereotypical mother who nags and gets mad.

She’s the caring light of Peter’s life…

Always ready to embrace him no matter how much trouble he gets into.

And while it might sound simple on paper.

Mrs. Josephine’s character is very important.

Because she teaches kids to trust their parents…

Since they’ll always have unconditional love for them. 

Plus, Mrs. Josephine’s character reflects real life too…

Since she shows how friendly rabbits can be.

#9: Safe for kids

Nowadays, there’s a bunch of stuff online that’s not safe for kids.

And with 1 wrong click…

They could be sent down a rabbit hole of unpleasant TV shows.

(Pun intended.)

As a result, Peter Rabbit’s like a hidden gem.

Because it’s fun to watch…

And there’s no jumpscare or inappropriate messaging in-between the lines of the show.

So kids don’t need to worry about watching something that’s not for them…

Plus, parents can rest easy as their kids enjoy Peter’s adventures too.

In fact, your pet rabbit might dig into a blanket and watch with the kids as well…

Because the show’s just that relaxing and enjoyable. 

#10: Light-hearted watch for adults

Everyone’s got a preference for shows and movies.

And like a rabbit wagging its tail in defiance…

Even adults don’t want to consume dark and deep stories 100% of the time. 

But that’s exactly where Peter Rabbit shines.

Because it doesn’t try to hook and pull you in with a deep narrative.

It’s a light-hearted watch that even a mature audience can appreciate.

Of course, there won’t be any climactic battles.

Or plot twists that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

But if you want something to relax with…

Peter Rabbit’s the answer.

And that’s why it became so popular. 

#11: It’s easy on the eyes

Lots of cartoons and TV shows like going overboard with the animation.

And while the art style does look nice by itself…

Too much happening at the same time can be straining for the eyes.

But what about Peter Rabbit’s case?

Well, it doesn’t try to jam an explosion or physical gag in every frame.

There’s a simple plot with a consistent creative backdrop.

And while the computer-generated imagery might not be the best…

It’s endearing enough to be memorable.

So its simplicity works in its favor.

And that’s why several fans keep coming back to Peter Rabbit.

#12: The music’s fun

While Peter Rabbit’s songs might not be the most famous…

They’re definitely catchy.

And their rhymes latch onto your brain like an earworm.

But does that mean the songs are bad?

Not in the slightest.

In fact, the music of Peter Rabbit’s actually very fun to listen to.

And you can quickly get swept off your feet…

Singing along to the tunes like you’ve known them your whole life.

Of course, just try to keep the singing down a notch…

Especially if you’re caring for baby rabbits who need a quiet place to sleep.

#13: There are a bunch of ways to enjoy it

1 of the best things about Peter Rabbit is its availability.

There are just so many ways out there to enjoy it.

For example, if you want to watch films…

Sony released Peter Rabbit movies back in 2018 and 2021.

And you’ll get to see Peter run around in the real world with his friends.

But if you want to stay inside and stream everything…

That won’t be a problem too.

Because there’s a Peter Rabbit channel on YouTube.

And all the episodes are free.

Plus, if you really want to go old school.

You can go back to the classics by reading the books.

And I’m sure the author Beatrix Potter will love welcoming new readers…

Even it’s been well over a century since the books were first published.

As a result, with so many ways to enjoy Peter Rabbit.

It’s not shocking to see fans pop up everywhere.