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13 Weird Reasons Why Your Rabbit Follows You (Everywhere)

Why Does My Rabbit Follow Me

Isn’t it so cute when your rabbit follows you around?

They look so adorable trying to keep up with you wherever you go.

But… it can get weird when they start following you everywhere possible.

Their quiet nature can drive our curiosity… so why do rabbits follow us everywhere?

Let’s follow the rabbit for some answers:

  • At what a rabbit begins maturing.
  • When you should  spay or neuter your rabbit.
  • 13 reasons why your rabbit follows you everywhere.
  • Whether you should get alarmed by this behavior or not.
  • And much much more…

Why does my rabbit follow me?

Your rabbit follows you because it might be courting you. When rabbits reach sexual maturity, they’ll try to mate with anyone. Following you is an act of courtship. If your rabbit is young or fixed, they might want your attention. They can also be curious and are trying to know you better.

13 reasons why your rabbit follows you (everywhere)

#1: They’re curious and investigating

Rabbits are curious animals…

They always want to know what’s going on in their surroundings.

They’re like fluffy little detectives in the wild…

Their curious nature is all thanks to their strong senses.

For example, your rabbit has a good sense of smell.

Because of their nose, their curiosity skyrockets.

They can smell everything…

So they want to investigate everything too.

If your rabbit is new to your home, they might follow you everywhere to look around.

Plus, as a prey animal, rabbits feel safer with their companions.

If your rabbit has acknowledged you as one of their friends…

They know you have their back while they investigate.

In a sense, you can think of it as your rabbit’s way of “relying” on you.

#2: They feel safe with you

When a rabbit trusts you… 

They’ll feel safe enough to follow you around. 

So… your rabbit might follow you if they feel afraid.

Remember, rabbits are prey animals.

They can feel threatened even by the smallest things…

Here are 5 things that could scare off your rabbit: 

  • Being alone.
  • Loud noises.
  • Other animals. 
  • Other people in the house. 
  • Scent of potential predators. 

Yes, rabbits can be afraid of being alone. 

They can experience separation anxiety like some humans do. 

According to a study, rabbits are social animals and they can show signs of anxiety in open spaces. 

Rabbits will follow you around in open spaces where it’s easier for them to access. 

This shows that they trust you and want to hide with you for safety.

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#3: Your scent attracts them 

Rabbits have a powerful nose. Their nose is way stronger than ours.

Fun fact: Rabbits have over 100 scent cells, it’s 20 times better than a human’s.

Your rabbit might follow you around because they like your scent.

Even if you’re not doing anything special…

Rabbits can grow fond of your specific scent because they like you.


They’re only curious about your scent.

They want to get closer so they’ll follow you everywhere.

You may also already know that many rabbits have a sweet tooth…

They might follow you everywhere if you wear a perfume that smells sweet to them.

#4: They’re trying to claim a territory 

Rabbits can also have a dominant personality. 

This is more common in male rabbits… 

If your rabbit is not fixed… 

This behavior will keep showing itself. 

If you’re wondering why they need to follow you everywhere for this reason…

It’s because some rooms may only be accessible by your rabbit if they follow you.

For example, most house rabbits can rarely enter the bathroom. 

They don’t need to because they have their own. 

So… you’re the key that can help them get to those areas.

You can tell if your rabbit is claiming territories by these 2 signs:

Though it’s cute when rabbits rub their fluffy chins on something…

It’s actually their way of leaving their scent to claim the territory, based on research.

Observe your rabbit when they follow you.

Your rabbit probably thinks…

“I’ve marked this place, it’s mine now. Let’s go to the next area!” 

You can watch this video to see how bunnies claim their favorite human by chinning:

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#5: They want to play with you 

Rabbits love attention. 

They are social animals after all…

They need plenty of playtime because they are also very active. 

Your rabbit will follow you everywhere until you start playing with them. 

You can tell if they want to play with you when they follow you at a fast pace.

For example… 

They’d be hopping around with high energy levels to show you their desire to play.

Try to play with your rabbit whenever they follow you…

After playing, your rabbit might stop following you once they’ve had their fill of fun.

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#6: They want to explore more places

If your rabbit is already fixed and not behaving in a territorial manner… 

They might follow you only because they want to explore new places. 

Rabbits can get bored of staying in one place for too long. 

If they know there’s a bigger world out there…

The adventure-loving rabbit will want to go there. 

In the wild… 

Rabbits are always on the move. 

That’s why your rabbit will want to get to new places once in a while. 

You can try expanding your rabbit’s living area to please them.

Or… you can also consider taking them out to the park for fun.

#7: They’re asking for food 

You might think rabbits don’t eat as much as other pets. 

Given their smaller bodies… 

Rabbits look like they’re light eaters. 

But some of them can have a big appetite. 

Your rabbit might follow you everywhere as their way of asking for food. 

Observe the way your rabbit follows you. 

If they keep stopping and trying to nibble on random objects…

They might be trying to show you that they’re hungry. 

Rabbits can’t bark or meow like other pets…

So you need to observe their body language more closely. 

Note: An adult rabbit that weighs around 6 to 10 pounds (2 to 4 kilograms) needs to eat one-quarter cups of pellets daily. 

This amount should keep an average-sized bunny full.

Also… keep in mind that rabbits have teeth that never stop growing.

Chewing on food is their way to keep their teeth trimmed.

So they’d do anything to make you give them something to chew on… 

Like following you around everywhere.

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#8: They want your comfort when they feel uneasy

If your rabbit feels uneasy about something… 

They will start following you everywhere for comfort. 

This can be different from your rabbit being afraid. 

Rabbits can feel uneasy because they’re sick or feel in pain. 

According to a study, rabbits try their best to hide their illnesses. 

As prey animals, they can be an easy target if predators know that they’re sick.

It explains why your rabbit can’t directly show you that something’s wrong with them.

Remember… they’re not as vocal as other pets too. 

Behaving in weird ways is their only way to express something’s wrong. 

Here are signs that a rabbit feels uneasy when they follow you around:

  • Dilated pupils.
  • Tense muscles.
  • Ears spread apart.
  • Faster nose twitching.
  • Abnormal, rapid breathing.
  • Ears flattened to their backs.

If you notice these signs in your rabbit… 

Something might be bothering them. It could be more than fear-related concerns. 

Warning: If your rabbit continues to show these signs, it’s a good idea to get them checked by a vet. They might be suffering from pain due to an internal injury or an illness.

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#9: They’re trying to get your attention

As social animals… rabbits love attention. 

They can get lonely pretty fast… or bored. 

Either way… your rabbit will want your attention because they like you. 

In the wild, rabbits live together with other bunnies, according to research.

They’re used to having other companions around them. 

Since they’re used to socializing, they can be very affectionate. 

They’d shower you with affection and expect the same from you…

That’s why your rabbit will follow you around like a cute little debt collector. 

“Hey, you haven’t given me enough love and attention today. Come on, pay attention to me.”

Your rabbit wants to give you attention and they want the same from you too.

#10: They feel happy and excited 

Rabbits can express their happiness in simple but weird ways.

They will follow you everywhere because they’re happy to be around you.

Your presence excites them because they already know you…

You can tell if your rabbit follows you out of joy and excitement.

Pay attention to the way they hop around you…

If they’re running fast, zooming back and forth…

They’re doing their famous “binky”.

Rabbits jump and kick their feet in the air because they’re so full of happiness.

If they’re following you around and doing this… that’s a clear sign of bliss.

Another sign that your rabbit is only happy to follow you… 

Is when their ears perk up and are pointing towards you.

This is common body language that is like humans.

Where your feet are pointing at, you may be feeling attracted to that person.

The same thing can be applicable for bunnies. 

If you study their body language, you will notice this easier.

#11: They think you’re carrying treats

Your rabbit will follow you everywhere if they think you have treats. 

It’s hard to hide food from their strong noses.

If you’re always giving your bunny their favorite treats…

They can be so excited for it to the point that they’ll follow you everywhere.

You can think of them as little kids waiting for their favorite desserts.

Following you is a way for them to show you how excited they are.

Even if you’re not carrying any treats… 

They might expect you to give them a treat anytime soon. 

Rabbits can get used to patterns and memorize them. 

They’re as smart as a 2-year-old kid. 

So, here’s an example. 

If you give your bunny a treat every time you come home from work…

They will start noticing this pattern because it registers in their brain. 

Your rabbit could be thinking something like…

“You’re home! So, you’re going to give me a treat, right? I’ll follow you everywhere because I know you’ll give me one…” 

#12: They want to be with you 

Sometimes… your rabbit just wants your comfort. 

Your bunny can miss you a lot. 

This can happen more if they’re a single rabbit without companions. 

They can get attached to you very deeply… 

And that’s why they’ll want to be around wherever you go. 

They are animals known for their loyalty and strong companionship. 

Rabbits will bond with another rabbit and they’ll stay with them no matter what. 

So if your rabbit only has you… you can expect them to always follow you. 

Especially if you always leave the house or don’t have much time to play with them.

#13: They’re courting you 

If your rabbit is not spayed or neutered…

They will follow you everywhere as a sign of courtship. 

In the wild, this is their natural way of winning their partner over. 

They’re expressing the desire to mate by doing so. 

Another sign of courting is when they circle around your feet. 

Circling your feet is their “courtship dance”. 

It’s often followed by an attempt to mount their partner…

Which means your rabbit might try to mount your feet too.

Grunting noises is also a mating sign more common from male rabbits.

So… if they follow you around with some grunting noises… 

Courting is definitely what’s going on.

“What age do rabbits reach sexual maturity?” 

Majority of medium to large sized rabbits reach maturity at around 4 months to 4.5 months old. 

For small breeds such as Dutch Rabbits and Polish Dwarves… 

They enter adulthood as early as 3.5 months to 4 months old. 

Giant breeds reach this stage at 6 months to 9 months old. 

If you’re wondering why they mature so fast… there is a natural reason for that. 

Rabbits are prey animals. They’re almost at the bottom of the food chain. 

Their main way of surviving and keeping their race alive is by breeding.

According to one study, rabbits can’t even avoid inbreeding for the sake of keeping their populations high. 

“When should I spay or neuter my rabbit?” 

If you don’t plan to breed your rabbit… you should spay or neuter them as soon as they reach maturity. 

Warning: Rabbits can get a lot of health issues when they’re in “heat”. There’s a risk of getting reproductive cancer for both male and female rabbits.

The hormonal changes can also affect their behavior negatively.

Take your rabbit to the vet to know the best schedule for spaying and neutering them.