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15 Weird Reasons Your Rabbit Bites Your Clothes (2023)

Why Does My Rabbit Bite My Clothes

Think of this as one of the factors that make your rabbit fascinating.

Their cutest quirk is that they may bite random objects such as your clothes. 

Despite that, it’s inevitable for a fur parent to be surprised at this behavior.

Even more, some are alarmed by it. Should you feel the same?

Continue reading to find out: 

  • 3 tips to stop your rabbit from biting you.
  • 15 reasons why your rabbit bites your clothes.
  • Why your bunny tugs at your clothes (and whether it’s a bad sign).
  • And this is just the beginning…

Why does my rabbit bite my clothes?

Your rabbit bites your clothes due to boredom or the urge to trim their growing teeth. It could also be caused by emotions like frustration, stress, or insecurity. Sometimes, it can be due to hormonal reasons. Most of the time, it’s a way to show affection. 

15 reasons your rabbit bites your clothes

#1: Simply out of boredom

Sometimes, we do random things when we’re bored. We won’t even think about it;. We just do it. 

And you know what? The same goes for your rabbit. 

According to PetMD, rabbits are social animals. They don’t want to be left alone.

Thus, if it starts nibbling on your clothes for no reason, it could mean that they need your attention. 

So if you’re wearing pants that they can easily tug, they’ll most likely bite them first. 

With that, you might want to stop whatever you’re doing and give your pet rabbit some quality time. 

And can you resist those cute small nibbles?

#2: It’s their natural instinct

Interesting Fact: Research tells us that rabbits are natural chewers. So, it’s biological.

And so, they can’t stop chewing if they want to. 

Moreover, rabbits chew and dig their way to make burrows in their natural habitat. 

Also, their teeth continue to grow up to five inches annually. 

This means they have to keep chewing, or their teeth will continue to grow at an alarming length.

So if they’re biting your clothes, this could mean that they’re running out of objects to chew. 

#3: They feel insecure and scared

Like other animals, rabbits’ ears are sensitive. 

This explains the long, adorable ears they have. 

They also use this amazing sense of hearing to avoid predators. 

So if you live in a loud environment, your rabbit will be constantly scared of random noises.

These noises may include:

  • Loud thumping.
  • The sound of metal utensils in the kitchen.
  • Watching the TV with the volume set too high.

Now, when rabbits feel insecure, their automatic response is to hide. 

So if they’re trying to chew or dig their way into your clothes, they’re trying to shelter themselves from harm. 

And that’s completely normal. 

#4: When the smell is unbearable

As mentioned previously, bunnies have an exceptional sense of smell. 

If you wear perfume or apply fabric conditioner that your rabbit isn’t a big fan of, they’ll bite your clothes. 

They might perceive the strong smell as something dangerous. That’s why they’re trying to remove it from you through biting. 

Moreover, essential oils may also irritate your rabbit. With that, make sure to avoid using these around them. 

#5: They’re annoyed

Your Rabbit Bites Your Clothes When They Are Annoyed

Let’s face it. Bunnies are irresistible. 

From the cute little button nose to their tiny hops…

No wonder this cotton ball gets a lot of love from its owner. 

Sadly, kisses and cuddles aren’t always welcome for rabbits. 

They could get irritated if you give them too much attention. Like humans, they also want privacy sometimes.

If they’re trying to bite off your clothes during your cuddle time, they might be trying to escape from your loving arms. 

While rabbits are extroverts, keep in mind that they may also need some alone time. 

#6: Out of frustration

Since animals can’t communicate as humans do, they express their frustration in different ways.

One of which is through biting your clothes. 

For instance, they may get frustrated when they’re confined inside their cage for too long. 

Another reason is that they want to hop around, but the small space prevents them from doing so.

When they get too frustrated for not being able to do these, they’ll resort to biting your clothes.

#7: They’re hormonal

Rabbits are obedient creatures in general. 

However, when they need sexual attention, they usually shift to aggressive behavior. 

Sexual needs are inevitable for rabbits. Thus when they need this fulfilled, they get aggressive.

And so, they bite random objects such as clothes. 

If they don’t get what they need, they’ll try to get your attention. And they do so by simply tugging any part of your body. 

That’s why experts say that it’s important to get acquainted with the sexual needs of your rabbit. 

#8: They’re nearing sexual maturity

Adolescent rabbits, like human teenagers, tend to become more angsty and aggressive. 

This has more to do with age than actual behavior. 

They want to assert their dominance and appear more independent. 

Additionally, this behavior also has something to do with their sexual maturity. 

This is why most owners have their rabbits spayed or neutered early on. 

So if your adolescent bunny is biting your clothes aggressively, it’s just going through a phase. 

And as a fur parent, remember that this behavior goes away with age. 

#9: Grooming themselves

Rabbits, in the long run, will shed lots of furs. 

During the shedding season, bunnies will gently bite or rub against each other to help each other. 

If you notice your rabbit biting your clothes and rubbing themselves against it, you should be quite pleased. 

This only means that they’re trying to include you in its grooming ritual.

Moreover, this means that your rabbit trusts you enough.

#10: Due to illness

Biting, among rabbits, is usually associated with discomfort due to medical conditions. 

They’ll tend to bite or scratch the affected area. When they do, they’re trying to alleviate the pain. 

The difference between biting out of grooming and discomfort is the force of the bite. 

In most cases, when your bunny bites your clothes more aggressively than usual, it could mean they’re sick. 

This goes the same for other objects. They’ll bite their toys, their feeder, and other objects near them to ease the pain.

If this persists, it would be best to contact your veterinarian. 

#11: Marking their territory

According to research, most mammals are territorial. This includes your very own furbaby. 

To ensure that no other rabbits try to claim you as their fur parent, your rabbit will bite your clothes to mark you. 

Marking is typically associated with scents. When they bite you, a little bit of their scent is transferred to your body. 

Do you have other fur babies at home?

If yes, then your bunny is up to another thing when they bite your clothes. It means that they want to get rid of their fur siblings’ scents. 

So you see, rabbits can be jealous creatures. When they do this, it can simply mean they’re being possessive. 

#12: Traumatic past

Some of these rabbits could have suffered an abusive past. Others could have come from a healthy, loving environment. 

Either way, it’s a fur parent’s duty to understand what their fur children are trying to express. 

So when they bite your clothes while you’re trying to give them affection, don’t be discouraged. 

It could mean a lot of things, and trauma could be one of them.

But when you nurture them in a loving home, the trauma could go away, and the aggressive behavior might halt. 

 #13: Their nails are too long

A rabbit’s nails can grow as long and as sharp as daggers. 

They need these sharp nails in the wild for digging and running. 

But when they’re indoors, these long and sharp nails can become inconvenient for the rabbit. 

This may also become painful for them if left untrimmed. 

As part of their natural instincts, they’ll bite or scratch anything near to get rid of the issue. 

If they’re biting your clothes, this could mean that they want you to trim your nails for them. 

#14: They don’t trust you

Rabbits, especially adult ones, aren’t the most trusting pets. 

If you’ve adopted an adult rabbit, you might need to earn its trust slowly. 

So when your newly adopted rabbit bites your clothes, they don’t trust you yet. 

For now, they’re trying to establish boundaries. They do so by giving off warning signs as a defense mechanism. 

Be patient and earn your rabbit’s trust later on. 

#15: Your rabbit loves you

Playful and gentle bites may simply mean your rabbit loves you.

No other reason. 

If you’ve grown accustomed to your rabbit biting your clothes, then this could be a form of bonding. 

How to stop my rabbit from biting my clothes?

#1: Give them chew toys

Rabbits file their growing teeth when given a chance. 

If you want to stop them from chewing on your clothes, you can give them safe chew toys. 

Those can also be a great outlet to divert their playful energy.

Note: Introduce new toys regularly since they might become bored of chewing the same toy every day. 

Below are some chew toys you can give your bunny:

#2: Avoid harsh punishments

It’s never okay to hit an animal. 

Hitting your pet is abusive behavior and is never the solution to issues like biting. 

When you hurt them, they won’t understand that what you’re doing is out of discipline.

It’ll only instill fear in your rabbit, causing mistrust and insecurity. 

Just imagine the trauma it’ll cause your furbaby. 

Watch this video to learn how to train your rabbit properly:

#3: Neuter them

If their biting behavior is mainly hormonal, neutering them could be the best solution. 

Male rabbits tend to be more aggressive during their mating season.

While the process can be painful, neutering them will be beneficial in correcting their aggressive behavior.