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Top 27 Reasons Why Bunnies Are So Cute (#3 Is Crazy Cute)

Why Bunnies Are So Cute

Rabbits are one of the most popular pets today. 

Once you meet a rabbit, you’ll never be the same person again!

You’ll always remember that cute tiny rabbit that changed your life.

But why are bunnies so cute? Is that even possible or is there some sort of sorcery going on?

There is a scientific reason why, so read on to find out:

  • 27 reasons why bunnies are cute.
  • The cutest thing that a bunny does.
  • Different breeds of the cutest rabbits.
  • Why rabbits do their cute signature “binky”. 
  • And much much more…

Why are bunnies so cute?

Bunnies are so cute because they resemble the appearance of human babies. Both bunnies and babies are small and have big round eyes. Science has proven that as part of human nature, we have a desire to protect and adore babies. Since rabbits resemble babies, we can’t help but find them very cute.

Top 27 reasons why bunnies are so cute

#1: Their big personalities 

Rabbits are small but they can have big personalities.

Unlike what most people believe, rabbits can have unique personalities.

Bunnies are not as boring as other people might think. They are more than simple, quiet, sweet pets.

In fact, a rabbit’s unique personality is what makes them stand out even more!

In simpler terms, it makes them shine even more.

Some rabbits might enjoy going outdoors. Other bunnies prefer to stay indoors for peace.

Here are a few examples of how rabbits behave:

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#2: Their big, round eyes 

Rabbits always have big round eyes that come in different colors.

There are 7 known eye colors for bunnies.

  • Blue.
  • Pink.
  • Brown.
  • Marble.
  • Amber.
  • Blue Grey. 
  • Ruby Red.

Marble is the rarest color and brown is the most common color among rabbits.

Fun fact: Rabbits can have different eye colors in each eye, a.k.a heterochromia.

According to a study, Dutch rabbit breeds may develop heterochromia. Brobander and Hollander are two examples of a Dutch rabbit breed.

But regardless of the eye color, it’s the shape and size that make rabbits so cute.

Their eyes resemble baby human eyes, big and round.

A study stated that this resemblance to human features is what makes rabbits much cuter for us.

#3: They melt like marshmallows when you pet them

Many bunnies love petting… and when you do, they melt to the floor like marshmallows.

Have you tried giving your bunny a massage?

When your bunny enjoys the petting or the massage, they relax to the point of melting.

Half of their body would drop low until their chins touch the floor.

They look so adorable when they kind of sink to the floor because they feel good.

You know you’re giving your bunny a good petting when they do this.

#4: The way they groom themselves

Have you ever seen a bunny groom themselves?

Bunnies would get up on their hind legs sometimes to use their front legs.

They would wash their face using their front legs.

When they do this, they almost look like they’re shy and hiding their face.

You know when people blush and cover their face? That’s exactly how they look.

If your rabbit has a partner, they would groom each other.

Sometimes, they also wash their ears like a person drying their hair with a towel.

Check out this video for visual references on how bunnies groom themselves:

#5: They get along well with other animals

Rabbits are social animals.

They can also develop a bond with other animals like cats, dogs, or even pigs.

Bunnies love cuddling with their friends and loved ones.

Sometimes, a bunny can also act silly and scare away their bigger friends like dogs.

Picture a little bunny chasing away a dog way bigger than them.

Yes… your bunny can boss around the other animals for giggles.

These cute, fun moments of bunnies with other animals add to their charm.

For a better idea, here’s a list of animals that rabbits can get along with.

  • Pigs.
  • Cats.
  • Mice.
  • Birds.
  • Dogs. 
  • Squirrels.
  • Chickens.
  • Hamsters.
  • Chinchillas.
  • Hedgehogs.
  • Guinea Pigs.

#6: They’re quiet

Rabbits are popular for their quiet nature.

Like most prey animals, they avoid making any sound at all.

You might only hear some teeth grinding, feet stomping, and rare squeals from a bunny.

A lot of people get drawn to quiet things because they love peace and silence.

A bunny’s quiet nature makes them charming and mysterious because you never know what’s on their mind…

What do they plan to do next?

You’d find yourself staring at the quiet bunny to figure them out.

#7: They’re smart

Bunnies are smart, quick-thinking animals. They’re said to be as smart as an average cat or dog.

You can try communicating with a rabbit and they can understand most of what you’d say.

Which means they can pretty much learn the same things a normal pet would know.

Bunnies can remember their name and know to come to you if you call them.

Rabbits can even memorize small, repetitive patterns.

Additionally, rabbits are also good at remembering do’s and don’ts.

They can remember gestures, a good amount of words, and know how to solve small problems.

Fun fact: The smartest known rabbit breed is the Belgian Hare. Other breeds of popular and smart rabbits are in the list below.

  • Mini Lop.
  • Harlequin.
  • Holland Lop.
  • Continental Giants.
  • The Netherland Dwarf.

#8: They’re curious, funny, and entertaining

Rabbits are curious by nature. They have an adventurous soul.

Thanks to this, bunnies can be entertaining.

You’d often see a bunny investigating their surroundings.

Hop… hop… sniff… hop… sniff….

They’re always curious about everything like fluffy little detectives.

Watching them examine things is already an entertaining activity.

Sometimes, their curiosity can get them in harmless trouble.

For example, they might make a mess out of your plants or wirings.

We can’t blame their curiosity because at the same time, it’s very funny.

A rabbit might come up to you to sniff you.

This is a cute thing to witness because it’s like they’re wondering what you have on you.

“What am I smelling from you? Do you have treats for me? Where have you been?”

Sniffing you is their way of asking about your day, they want to know about you.

Knowing that your rabbit is curious about you will melt your heart from the cuteness.

#9: They’re sweet and loving

Bunnies are very affectionate. They love to give love and express their feelings.

This adds to their charm because we all love an affectionate animal.

Most bunnies love to cuddle to keep themselves warm. 

They try to be as close as possible because they feel safer together. 

You would often see them snuggled up together with their siblings or their partner.

This means that a domesticated bunny might also cuddle with you.

If a pet cuddles with us, they become ten times cuter than they already are.

Bunnies also like to give kisses by licking and nibbling.

According to a study, domestic rabbits can process emotions through learned behavior.

Their emotions have developed in a way that is more compatible for human interactions.

This increases the chance that your rabbit can understand the concept of kisses.

So they would kiss you back in the abovementioned way.

Bunnies tend to look for you as well. They get lonely pretty quick.

They want your attention and would ask for it. Sometimes, bunnies would even follow you around to observe you too.

Bunnies want to know what you’re doing and be part of it too.

It’s very cute when you know your pet loves you and wants your attention.

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#10: They remind us of soft toys

Rabbits look a lot like a typical soft toy we owned when we were kids.

Many soft toys can have the same colors as rabbits and the same big eyes.

It makes bunnies twice cuter because we associate soft toys with our childhood.

In other words, rabbits can trigger childhood nostalgia. Nostalgia is more than knowing your childhood.

It’s also about remembering the emotions you had back then as well.

A lot of things in most people’s childhood were all about fun and good times.

Ever wondered why we start talking in our baby voices when we speak to bunnies?

It’s because those cute bunnies take us back to our childhood without us realizing it, as simple as that.

“Why do we talk to rabbits in our baby voices?”

While bunnies may not understand our words… 

Animals understand the voice and tones more than the words, according to research.

People talk to animals in baby voices since old ages. 

Thanks to this habit… we unconsciously contribute to the intelligence of animals including rabbits. 

By baby talking to animals…

They slowly learn to process our tone of voices, facial expressions, and gestures while talking…

It helps them understand and communicate with us even better.

#11: They throw objects around

Bunnies Are So Cute When They Throw Objects Around

Have you ever seen a bunny pick something up and throw it in the air?

A lot of bunnies like to play around by doing this.

For example, they’d pick up their food bowl and throw it around, making loud noises.

Of course, not everyone likes this behavior. But to most people, it’s kind of cute to see them get riled up.

Imagine a quiet bunny making sounds out of nowhere by flipping things around.

It’s like their way of saying, “Hey, pay attention to me. Hello? I’m right here!”

Moreover, they’re like a baby throwing a temper tantrum.

Their high likeliness with human babies adds to a bunny’s cuteness.

Sometimes, bunnies also throw their bowl when they want to ask for more food.

It could also be a sign that they’re bored or unhappy.

Though they look cute when they throw things around… their behavior needs correction.

If you tolerate a bunny when they misbehave, they will think it’s okay to do it again.

You can let a bunny know that you don’t like their behavior by telling them “No” in a sharp tone of voice.

#12: They’re always chewing something

Bunnies love to chew things and they look so cute while they do it.

Hop… hop… hop… nom.

Rabbits always look for something to chew in their mouths.

Other than the fact that they like doing it, they also need to.

Bunnies don’t only chew out of boredom. Chewing helps trim their continuously growing teeth.

Rabbits have 28 permanent teeth that never stop growing.

Chewing on food is their main way of keeping it at a good length.

Some domesticated rabbits might need to get their teeth cut by a vet if chewing wasn’t enough for them.

Warning: Overgrown teeth on rabbits can end up hurting them.

For example, the overgrown teeth can grow into the gums or pierce the roof of your rabbit’s mouth.

This can make it difficult for them to eat and they can end up sick if they stop eating.

So, let your rabbit chew on food as much as possible for their own good.

At the same time, you can admire their cute cheeks while they’re chewing the food.

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#13: Their bond with other rabbits 

One rabbit is already cute enough…

But two rabbits? 

Rabbits are social animals and they love being with their fellow bunnies.

You can expect a rabbit to have a pair and they will be inseparable.

They eat together, play together, groom each other, cuddle and sleep together.

Bonded bunnies do everything together.

Like people with their loved ones, bunnies must always be together, no matter what happens.

If one leaves, the other one will look for them a lot.

Bunnies can end up lonely and depressed enough if they’re not with their partners.

The strong bond of bunnies is something that we humans admire them for.

#14: Their tiny wiggling nose

Bunnies always wiggle their nose. There’s not a time that they’re not wiggling their nose.

This behavior is so cute but only few know why bunnies do it.

Rabbits wiggle their nose to regulate their body temperature.

Other than regulating their body temperature… bunnies do this to smell better.

Bunnies have over 100 scent cells which makes their sense of smell 20 times better than humans.

They always need to make sure that they can smell everything around them.

By nature, bunnies are often alert and their great sense of smell helps them survive.

#15: The way they stand on their hind legs 

You see rabbits mostly standing on their four legs. 

But when they stand on their hind legs, they look much cuter.

You can see their round, soft bellies when that happens. 

Rabbits tend to stand on their hind legs to sniff the air or focus their hearing. 

You might see your rabbit do this when they hear a sudden distant sound. 

Sometimes, it’s a sound that you can’t even hear yourself. 

Their cute ears would perk up and they would stand up all too sudden. 

They’d look at you while they’re standing as if saying something.

“What was that? Did you hear that?” 

They would stay still and look at you which makes them look so cute. 

#16: They circle your feet in excitement 

Most rabbits tend to run in circles around your feet or legs if they love you a lot.

They look like small babies running around your feet.

Though circling is a form of courtship behavior, it can also mean other things.

When rabbits do it to people, it’s usually for food or attention.

Sometimes, it can be their way of saying, “You’re here! I’m happy to see you!”

You can take it as a bunny’s “happy dance”.

This happens a lot especially if you leave your house for long hours.

As soon as your rabbit sees you, they’ll run up to you and circle your feet.

It makes bunnies much cuter because they make their owners feel so loved.

#17: They have a cotton like soft fur 

Rabbits are popular for their soft fur. And oh, how amazing it feels when you touch it!

Bunnies with white fur are like moving, running, hopping tiny clouds with eyes.

Their fur resembles a cloud because rabbits groom themselves very well.

Bunnies also use that same soft fur for their own nest when giving birth to babies.

Some rabbits with big, soft chins almost look like they’re using their soft chins like a pillow.

Depending on the breed, some rabbits can grow thicker fur than others.

Here are 5 examples of long-haired rabbits: 

  • Angoras.
  • Silverfox.
  • Lionhead.
  • Jersey Woolie.
  • Cashmere Lop.

And here are 5 examples of short-haired rabbits:

  • Plush Lops.
  • Rex Rabbits.
  • Mini Rex Rabbits.
  • Sallander Rabbits.
  • New Zealand Red Rabbits.

But regardless of the breed, their fur will always be soft like cotton.

#18: There are a lot different breeds to adore

Bunnies come in different breeds… but all rabbits are adorable.

The fact that there are different kinds of bunnies make them much cuter.

Most rabbit breeds rarely grow larger than other pets such as cats and dogs. A lot of people prefer small pets like bunnies.

Wild rabbits have longer faces compared to domestic rabbits.

Then there are those that have a shorter, flatter face than other bunnies.

For references, here is the list of the top cutest bunny breeds in the world.

  • Lop.
  • Angora.
  • Harlequin.
  • Lionhead.
  • English Spot.
  • Belgian Hare.
  • Jersey Wooly.
  • Flemish Giant.
  • American Chinchilla.

These bunny breeds are popular for their friendly personalities and cute appearances.

Bunnies on this list are domestic and the majority of them tend to stay small.

#19: They have a round ball of fur as their tail 

Rabbits Round Ball Of Fur As Their Tail

Looking at rabbits, the whole package is very cute. Even their tails are so adorable to look at because it’s a tiny ball of fluff.

According to research, it’s programmed in human brains to find soft things cute.

Things that are soft give us a sense of security and comfort.

That’s why a rabbit’s soft tail also adds up to their entire cuteness.

Fun fact: You might not always see it, but bunnies can also wag or wiggle their tails. But tail wagging for bunnies is not the same as it is for dogs. When bunnies wag their tails, it’s not a sign of happiness. Instead, it’s a sign of protest.

It might mean that they’re annoyed or they don’t like it when you force them to do something.

Rabbits can have a dominant personality. They may express their dissatisfaction through tail wagging.

But even when they’re being grumpy, bunnies are still cute.

#20: Their colors are attractive 

Bunnies come in different colors because there’s a lot of different rabbit breeds.

The most common coat color for wild rabbits is a chestnut color, like that of wild squirrels.

Meanwhile, white is one of the most common coat colors for domesticated rabbits.

Fun fact: American Blue Rabbit is a breed that has the rarest color of fur for rabbits. Though their fur may seem black from a distance, it has a shine of blue to it. If you pay close attention to an American Blue Rabbit, you will notice the dark blue color on them.

The color becomes easier to spot on photographs.

Meanwhile, bunnies can also have mixed-colored fur. This makes them more attractive for some people.

Regardless of their color, humans find their clean appearance adorable. 

Whatever color the bunny’s coat is, they make sure to keep it shiny and soft. 

This makes the bunny’s fur look twice prettier than it already is. 

#21: They like being clean

Following the color of their fur, rabbits are also cute because of their great hygiene. 

Bunnies love to groom themselves so they always look nice, soft, and clean. 

Thanks to this, bunnies rarely need baths and people love them for this. 

Not only that…

When a bunny is filthy, it can annoy them until they clean themselves off.

As long as they can reach the dirty spot, they will lick and clean themselves.

This means a healthy rabbit has little to no bad scent on them. 

Warning: When a rabbit stops grooming themselves, it can be a sign of a health problem. Rabbits groom themselves at least 3 times a day or more. If they’re not ill, they could be suffering from depression. When this happens, your bunny needs help.

Rabbits try to be scentless to avoid getting tracked down by predators too. 

People love cleanliness because it’s pleasant to the eyes. The same thing applies to bunnies.

#22: They can learn tricks 

Rabbits are smart enough to learn basic tricks. They are much smarter than what most people give them credit for.

If you’re into it, you can teach a bunny many tricks.

A bunny’s ability to perform tricks is such a cute thing to watch.

Despite their small body, they try hard to do difficult tasks.

From learning their names or teaching them how to use their litter.

They can spin, play dead, roll over, and run through agility courses.

Some people even tried teaching their bunny some simple math.

Bunnies can learn how to count small numbers if you train them enough.

There are also other bunnies who learned to play mini basketball in exchange for treats.

It’s so cute watching them pick up a tiny ball and dunk it in the ring.

#23: Their smooth, long ears 

Rabbits have unique ears, it’s one of their signature features.

Their ears make them stand out from other animals.

Bunny ears are long and some breeds have their ears flopped down.

No matter the age or breed, rabbit ears have a great sense of hearing.

Compared to humans who have a hearing range of 64 to 24,000 hertz, rabbits have 360 to 42,000 hertz.

Though they have a great sense of hearing, bunny ears are very sensitive too.

A bunny’s hearing is what makes them jumpy, they’ll react to the slightest sounds.

This behavior is a survival instinct but also cute, all thanks to their adorable velvet ears.

#24: They sometimes thump their feet 

Rabbits may sometimes thump their feet on the ground. This is not a simple thump, their kicks are strong enough to make a loud sound.

While this looks cute, the reason they do it is not.

Using their back foot, rabbits thump the ground to alert other rabbits when they sense danger.

If a bunny feels threatened, thumping is their way to warn the others.

Sometimes, they might do it as a way to express anger or annoyance.

For example, a dominant bunny may thump their feet to assert dominance.

Regardless of the reason, your rabbit does this because they want to warn you of danger.

If you want to know more, read this article: Why does my rabbit thump?

#25: They flop to the ground with their cute bellies 

Bunnies can express joy by flopping to the ground. They would run up to you and lay down on their side.

Sometimes, rabbits do this in front of you because they want you to pet them while they’re lying down. 

If you didn’t notice them the first time, a bunny might get up and flop to the side again. 

They sometimes do it over and over until they get your attention, which is very cute.

Note: Exposing their belly to you is a great sign of trust. Most rabbits won’t let their bellies get exposed because it’s a common spot that predators attack.

#26: They love to do the binky 

When bunnies are happy, they express their joy through a binky.

If you’re a new rabbit owner, a binky is when they zoom back and forth and jump while kicking their feet in the air.

Most rabbits do this when they feel comfortable in their environment.

So if you see a rabbit running at a fast pace back and forth, it only means they’re having a good time.

But why do they call it the binky? In case you’re curious, here’s a fun fact.

Binky is a folk term used way back in 1912. In Western Indiana, it meant “any small mechanical contrivance”.

They used this term to refer to anything small and cute. If you’re a new rabbit owner, a binky is when they zoom back and forth and jump while kicking their feet in the air.

There’s a good chance that bunnies were always seen as cute back then.

#27: They can be sassy 

Rabbits can be stubborn and it’s a part of their personality. This means, they can develop some “sass”. 

Of course, it doesn’t mean they have bad attitudes. 

Bunnies can be funny dorks. They can make funny faces when they smell something bad or eat something awful. 

Sometimes, they will turn their back on you and leave after giving you a side eye glance. 

This can happen if you annoyed them or didn’t give them something they wanted.

People also ask:

Are rabbits the cutest animals?

Rabbits are one of the cutest animals in the world because they are soft, small, and have big round eyes. They also come in different colors and fun personalities. This completes their cute package.

Why do we think bunnies are cute?

We find rabbits cute because they have features that resemble human babies. Rabbits have small and soft bodies paired with big, round eyes. Thanks to that, our brain finds bunnies very cute because they remind us of human babies.

What is the cutest bunny in the world?

According to science, the cutest rabbit in the world is the pygmy rabbit. They are cute because of their very small bodies, making them the smallest rabbit in the world. Their soft, small appearance reminds us of soft toys or human babies.