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13 Reasons Why Your Rabbit Runs Around Really Fast (2023)

What Does It Mean When Your Rabbit Runs Around Really Fast

Have you ever seen your rabbit get the zoomies?

While this is quite common among cats and dogs, your bunny can do it too…

Even faster.

Is this something a fur parent should be concerned about?

Stay tuned and…

Continue reading to discover: 

  • Factors that cause your rabbit to get zoomies. 
  • 13 reasons why your rabbit runs around really fast.
  • Whether this is alarming and how to address it quickly.
  • And so much more…

What does it mean when your rabbit runs around really fast?

When your rabbit runs around really fast it means they’re experiencing hunger. It may also be caused by emotions like happiness and anxiety. Medical conditions such as digestive and heart problems may also lead to this behavior. 

13 reasons why your rabbit runs around really fast

#1: They’re hungry

Rabbits, like humans, get uncomfortable when hungry. 

This discomfort is expressed by our fur babies in different ways. 

So if your bunny is suddenly running around in circles…

That means it’s time to get some snacks or treats. 

Remember that our fur babies need the right nourishment every day. 

And they’ll let you know if they’re not getting enough through running around. 

#2: They’re playing

“Tag, you’re it!”

Says your rabbit, who is trying to initiate play.

If you’re not busy and have time to spare, you can try chasing your fur baby around for a bit. 

You may try running around in circles with them. This is how they usually play with other bunnies. 

You can watch this video to learn how to play with your bunny:

Additionally, this paper shows that playing with your fur babies can lessen stress and promote good health.

It’s like hitting two birds with one stone…

You get to entertain your fur baby while you get your daily dose of serotonin. 

#3: They want to exercise

Rabbits are designed to have strong back legs.

But why? 

It’s because they spend most of their lifetime running and leaping around. 

So, when they’re running around the house with the speed of a Wonder Pet… 

They’re most likely trying to stretch out their legs and exercise their whole body.

Moreover, research shows that exercise improves the overall health of your fur baby. 

Do you want to hear a great idea?

A playpen within your property. 

With this, your fur baby can get the exercise it needs.

But remember to be careful, though.

Make sure that the fencing of the playpen is secure. 

You wouldn’t want your bunny to go beyond your backyard.

#4: It’s mating season

Your Rabbit Runs Around Really Fast Because It's Mating Season

Is your bunny spayed or neutered?

If not, then the zoomies could be caused by their hormones.

For instance, if you have a male and female rabbit at home, they may attempt to mate. 

Running around is one of the indicators that they are attempting to mount the other. 

But one of them refuses to. 

You don’t have to worry about this behavior most of the time. 

It’s natural.

However, if the behavior is starting to harm your other fur babies…

You may resort to separating them in the meantime. 

#5: They want your attention

Let’s say your bunny is already neutered or spayed.

And the running around is still there. It’s unstoppable. 

Have you petted your fur baby today?

If the answer is no, then you might want to give them a bit of attention. 

Don’t underestimate the fact that rabbits have social needs too. 

They need to be mentally stimulated to stay healthy. 

But sometimes fur parents are too busy to spend some time with their bun.

Totally understandable. 

If you don’t have the luxury of time to play with your rabbit, you can do these activities instead:

  • Give it new toys.
  • Eat near its cage. 
  • Massage your bunny.
  • Teach your bun tricks. 

These activities aren’t too time-consuming but will surely make your rabbit’s day. 

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#6: They’re scared

Since rabbits are prey animals, they’re easily frightened

Whether it be a loud noise, new furniture, or a strange smell…

Your fur baby might perceive it as trouble.

This is when they run as fast as they can. 

What should a fur parent do in this situation? 

You can wait for your fur baby to calm down or tire themselves out.

Once they stop running around, put them in a safe place. An example of this is their cage. 

Note: Never corner your rabbit. They’ll feel more anxious and threatened.

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#7: They’re bored

They're Bored

Is your fur baby ignoring their chew toys? Or are they running around frantically in circles?

They might be bored. 

Rabbits need to use up their energy and stay active the entire day. 

They also need to be physically and emotionally stimulated to stay active.

This is why a vast and open space is recommended for rabbits. 

However, not all fur parents own a vast space for their fur babies.

Don’t worry. You can always buy them rolling chew toys instead.

Through these, they can stay active and occupied even when you’re away.  

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#8: They’re territorial 

If they keep circling your legs while you’re busy…

This means your fur baby is feeling a bit jealous and territorial. 

Through this action, they’re trying to shoo your other fur babies away. 

Have you been paying your bunny enough attention? 

If you notice this behavior while you’re with your fur babies…

Pet your bunny. 

This way, they’ll feel more secure.

#9: They have digestive problems

According to PetMD, rabbits have sensitive tummies.

If you notice them running around in circles after being fed, check them.

Your fur baby might be experiencing digestive problems. 

This also occurs when their food has been sitting around for too long. 

If you notice obstructed bowel or diarrhea, contact the vet immediately.

Your poor bunny might be in pain. And they’re simply expressing it through zoomies. 

Additionally, remember to feed your rabbit fiber-rich hay, probiotics, or greens.

#10: They have heart issues

If the running around is coupled with breathing and standing difficulties…

You have to take your fur baby to the vet immediately. 

They’re probably experiencing heart problems. And this shouldn’t be ignored. 

This paper shows that one of the most common causes of heart problems among animals is obesity.

Thus, rabbits should stay active to avoid being overweight.

If your fur baby is experiencing any symptoms, rush to the vet as soon as possible. 

#11: They need space

Your rabbit can be difficult to read sometimes. 

Every fur parent most likely goes through the same problem.

This is especially true when their fur baby starts to show strange behavior.

While running around fast could mean they demand your attention…

It could mean the opposite sometimes. 

Confusing, right?

So if they’re running around while trying to bite or nip you, try to distance yourself. 

They might want some alone time. This is also the case when they’re sprinting away. 

#12: They’re young

Bunnies below 2 years old tend to run around more than adults. 

Don’t worry if you have a fur baby who likes to leap and run around nonstop.

It simply means that your bunny is young and healthy.

If they’re running around their cage nonstop, try petting them to calm them down.

These fur babies tend to get overexcited. And that’s fine. 

#13: They’re happy

If you notice your fur baby running around with binkies…

Congratulations! You’re a great fur parent.

This simply means your bunny is happy. 

What are binkies, you ask?

Binkies are the cutest thing ever. 

This is when they playfully leap mid-air while doing a 180-degree turn. 

Your bunny instantly becomes happy and excited when:

  • It’s feeding time.
  • They are healthy.
  • They smell their treats. 
  • They feel understood and loved.

These are just some of the things that make your bun happy. 

Sometimes, it can be as simple as a pet. 

As a fur parent, it’s best to give them the love and happiness they deserve.