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11 Must-See Rabbit Movies On Netflix (Complete 2023 List)

Rabbit Movies On Netflix

Bunnies are cute.

But despite their fluffiness…

Rabbit movies are actually hard to come by.

Lucky for you, we’ve gathered the best bunny films available on Netflix right now.

In fact, some of these movies are timeless classics…

And it’s such a shame that not too many people watch them.

Continue reading to discover:

  • How genius rabbits ended up on Mars.
  • Why bunnies make great basketball players.
  • The most mischievous little rabbit in all of film history.
  • A warrior bunny who will have you at the edge of your seat.
  • And so much more…

11 rabbit movies on Netflix

#1: Hop

Hop was released back in 2011.

And while it didn’t receive the most love back then…

That doesn’t mean this bunny movie isn’t worth watching on Netflix.

“So, what’s it all about?”

We follow our playful little protagonist, E.B.

A young rabbit who has to follow in his father’s footsteps of becoming the Easter Bunny.

But is that what E.B. wants?

Not by a long shot.

In fact, he wants to become a famous drummer.

So he leaves home and sets off for Hollywood.

And between his dreams of making it big with a music career…

Versus the evil plot by an unsuspecting villain wanting to take over Easter.

This adventure-comedy’s a must-watch animated film for anyone looking for a good time…

Or if you want a lighthearted movie to watch with the family. 

And if you’re not convinced…

I’ll let the trailer speak for itself:

#2: Peter Rabbit

Rabbits may be cute.

But they’re also quite the mischievous bunch.

And even if you try to catch them unguarded…

Good luck chasing after them because bunnies run around really fast

But what’s any of this got to do with the next movie, you ask?

Well, Peter Rabbit’s the most mischievous bunny you’ll ever meet.

And other than his signature blue jacket…

He’s always 2 steps ahead with his next fun plan. 

But what about his movie from 2018?

Well, Peter’s life filled with fun and tricks suddenly meets a brand-new enemy.

Because a young animal-hating Thomas McGregor moves next door.

So what’ll become of Peter’s life now?

Well, that’s for you to find out in this adventure-comedy animated film.

And if you want my advice…

It’s best to watch it with family.

Because the jokes will give you so many laughs to share. 

#3: Peter Rabbit 2

If you loved the first movie…

Then Peter Rabbit 2 will definitely blow you out of the water.

Because in this adventure-comedy sequel…

Peter Rabbit faces a new challenge: the big city.

So you can say goodbye to the lush countryside…

And say hello to the runaway rabbit making his way around a bustling new environment.

But in this film, it’s not just cuteness overload.

You’ll learn plenty of unexpected lessons as well.

Like the importance of family despite the challenges you need to overcome.

Or taking responsibility for your actions and mistakes. 

Yet the best part?

Well, it’s still full of jokes that will have you laughing every minute.

And research says that’s a good thing…

Because comedy’s great for reducing stress.

Not to mention improve your overall well-being too.

Plus, who doesn’t want to see more intense action scenes?

And this time, we get to see Peter take all kinds of veggies, fruits, and delicious food from the farmer’s market.

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#4: Chickenhare and the Hamster of Darkness

This movie might be stretching the definition of a rabbit…

Because our protagonist has a unique condition.

You see, Chickenhare isn’t your typical bunny.

He’s half-chicken and half-hare, hence the name.

But does that take away from the story?

Not in the slightest.

In fact, it’s a wonderful animated film about accepting who you are…

And rising to the challenges by recognizing your strengths.

Plus, it’s all wrapped up in an Indiana Jones-like exploration story.

So you won’t be missing out on thrilling action scenes.

On top of that, it was released back in June 2022.

And you can expect great visuals to match the cute story plot.

As a result, if you’ve been feeling a bit down lately…

Then Chickenhare might just be the quick fix you need.

Because this adventure-comdey’s got a lot of jokes and touching moments for you.

Plus, even research agrees.

Stress can have a lot of bad effects on your body…

Like how it affects your work, memory, and even energy.

So if a film can fix you up…

Then the choice’s a no-brainer: you have to watch Chickenhare. 

#5: Over the Moon

Do you love touching stories?

What about beautiful animations?

And what if we wrapped it all up in a musical adventure?

Well, if all 3 questions were to your liking…

Then Netflix’s special Over the Moon from 2020 is the animated film for you.

It’s a movie that teaches us about pain and grief.

Why it’s normal to go through these emotions…

And how moving on is different for everyone. 

“But where exactly does the rabbit come in, then?”

I’ll be honest, this film doesn’t center around a cute little bunny.

We follow Fei Fei’s story instead.

However, she does have a cute pet bunny, Bungee.

A loving and loyal rabbit that sticks by her side no matter the challenge.

So if you want to comfort your pet rabbit

Putting this movie on and watching it together will make for a great bonding moment.

Just ensure you don’t put the volume up too high.

Because they hate and fear really loud noises.

In fact, it can give your fluffy friend a lot of stress.

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#6: Rabbids Invasion: Mission to Mars

Okay, I know these Rabbids aren’t actually rabbits.

They’re aliens from some random part of the universe.

However, you can’t deny that they look a lot like our furry bunnies.

Of course, they’re a lot more childish and eccentric.

Not to mention do some of the craziest things possible.

Like using a teleportation device.

Or surviving the freezing cold of Antarctica.

But that’s exactly what makes them fun to watch.

And in Rabbids Invasion: Mission to Mars

You’ll get to see them go into space.

But like all of their other adventures…

Nothing goes exactly as planned.

And with all the fun and chaos happening at the same time.

It’ll be close to impossible to hold back your laughter.

Fair warning though…

You might want to keep your pet bunny someplace else.

Because they might start running in circles with all the hype and playfulness from the movie.

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#7: Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Rabbits will eat almost anything they get their furry little paws on.

For example, a bunny will even eat cardboard

So that they could keep their teeth healthy.

Or maybe they simply wanted something to chew on. 

But what happens when you have a rabbit problem near gardens?

Well, they can turn any vegetable patch upside down overnight.

And in Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

There’s a much scarier and larger rabbit on the loose.

A bunny that’s so big that it can carry an entire tree.

But the best part about the film?

It’s all made with manual stop motion.

And it’s a hidden gem not too many people know about. 

#8: Rabbit Academy: Mission Eggpossible

Bunnies are pretty smart.

In fact, you can train a rabbit to come to you with a bit of practice.

But what happens when Easter needs a new hero?

Well, Rabbit Academy has to prepare a new bunch of Master Rabbits.

And in Rabbit Academy: Mission Eggspossible

You’ll get to watch a thrilling tale of bunnies rising to the cause.

And even stopping sneaky foxes from destroying Easter.

But the best part?

Well, there are plenty of catchy tunes throughout the film too.

So you won’t find any boring moments when watching this on Netflix. 

#9: Space Jam

Look, I know that the Looney Tunes make up more than just Bugs Bunny.

But there’s no denying that the dashing and funny rabbit’s 1 of the main characters.

And if you want to see Bugs in action…

Then Space Jam 1996 is the perfect movie for you.

In this 90s classic, the Looney Tunes cast faces a brand-new challenge: aliens.

But like in classic cartoon fashion, using the most absurd ideas possible.…

They’ll settle things in a basketball match.

And you’ll get to watch Michael Jordan as he tries to coach a bunch of cartoon characters…

As they go up against aliens with a secret technology that makes them play like superstars.

#10: Space Jam: A New Legacy

If you loved the first movie…

Then getting to see more of Bugs Bunny on the court will be right up your alley.

In the long-awaited sequel, Space Jam: A New Legacy.

Our favorite Looney Tunes cast teams up with a brand new basketball superstar:

LeBron James.

And in this comedy-adventure live-action animated mix-up…

You’ll be filled with nostalgia and the same high-impact jokes on the silver screen.

Plus, you’ll find plenty of celebrity appearances and voices too.

So if you’re looking for a feel-good movie to binge over the weekend.

Then this 1 should definitely be on your watch list. 

#11: Rise of the Guardians

If you show them enough love…

Rabbits can be very friendly.

But if you want to know how badass a bunny can be…

Then Rise of the Guardians is the movie for you.

Here, you’ll get to see your favorite fairytale characters come to life.

And if you thought the Easter Bunny only cared about spreading colored eggs and candy…

E. Aster Bunnymund’s actually a badass that protects children’s smiles and dreams. 

Of course, Bunnymund’s not the only character in the show.

But he’s still a mighty warrior who plays an important part in the film.