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11 Best Rabbit Digging Toys In 2023 (My Bunny Loves #5)

Rabbit Digging Toy

Is your rabbit a total digger?

Your bunny just loves digging, and you support that 100%.

But you might have noticed that this activity is causing damage…

To your carpet, walls, and even your couch.

So what can your fluffy buddy burrow on instead? 

Continue reading to know:

  • The 11 best rabbit digging toys today.
  • Cute and affordable toys for your rabbit.
  • Easy DIY digging toys you can actually make.
  • And a lot more…

11 best rabbit digging toys

#1: Cardboard boxes

Ah, the plain old cardboard. 

You might think the box from your new home appliances is useless…

But don’t throw it out yet.

You see, it’s great stuff to use as a digging box.

Just get an empty carton and fill it with safe materials. Some examples are:

  • Hay.
  • Soil.
  • Sand.
  • Straw.
  • Grass.
  • Pinecones.
  • Cut-out toilet roll tubes.
  • Shredded or crumpled paper.

What’s not advisable?

  • Magazines.
  • Foam plastics.
  • Paper with heavy ink.

Warning: Experts warn about exposure to chemicals found in ink. It can be harmful to animals.

After adding the digging materials…

You can cut out holes in the cardboard. Then, add smaller boxes inside. 

This is a lovely playground for your rabbit. They won’t just dig around. They’ll also climb up and down.

#2: Paper bags

For the 2nd best toy, you still don’t need to spend anything.

What you’ll need are:

  • Used grocery or shopping bags.
  • Digging materials like toilet paper, typing paper, or dried grass.

What you’ll do:

  1. Fill up the bag with the digging materials.
  2. Then, add your bunny’s favorite chew toy or treats.
  3. Finally, Lay the bag horizontally on the cage flooring.

And there you have it…

Another digging box for your bunny.

Tip: Watch your bunnies while they’re playing. Keep them from eating non-food materials.

Reading tip: Can Rabbits Eat Paper? 3 Dangers, 4 Reasons, & 5 Tips

#3: Plastic container

One more cheap digging box you can try is a plastic container or dish pan.

And unlike cardboard boxes, plastic is easier to clean.

So if your bunny makes a mess…

Like, urinate or poop in the digging box…

You can simply remove the contents and wash the container.

Moreover, plastic boxes are reusable and actually more durable.

So far, the first 3 things I provided are commonly found in your homes. Hence, it’s easy to make a digging box for your rabbits. 

For a better visual of how to do it, watch this video: 

#4: Rags or old clothes

If you think the first 3 toys are too messy…

This is something you can try instead.

Simply place clean, dry rags on your rabbit’s home.

Your rabbit can dig and pull on the clothes all day long.

Additionally, this can also be your rabbit’s bedding. 

It’s small and light, ideal for bunnies who keep on moving their beds.

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#5: Fleece blankets

Fleece Blanket Is One Of The Best Rabbit Digging Toys

One more household thing you can use as a digging toy is a blanket.

And the suggested fabric for blanket digging is polar fleece. It’s safe because:

  • Its threads are woven tightly together.
  • It has short fibers that aren’t harmful when ingested.

That said, experts don’t recommend knitted blankets…

Because the rabbit’s tiny feet may get stuck on the big knot holes.

But you may ask…

“Why does my rabbit dig at blankets?”

This is the rabbit’s natural burrowing instinct. 

They’re either looking for a safe place to sleep…

Or looking for a place to hide.

Find out more reasons here: 11 Surprising Reasons Rabbits Dig at Blankets

#6: Cotton towels

Just like fleece blankets, cotton towels are also soft and comfy.

You can put these in your rabbit’s home, too.

Your furry friends will feel like they’re stepping on fine grass.

So, it’s perfect for their burrowing activity.

#7: Foraging mat

We’re done with the DIY digging toys. Let’s now see toys you can just buy…

First in that category is a foraging mat.

These mats have different patterns. And they’re brightly colored to catch your rabbit’s attention.

Not only that…

The patterns also imitate natural things like food and grass. It offers a fun foraging activity for your rabbit.

Additionally, the mats sold online are mostly made of polar fleece…

Which makes them safe and comfortable for your bunnies.

#8: Grass mat

While most foraging mats are made of fabric and can be too soft…

This bunny grass mat bed is made of woven grass. It feels more natural. 

Moreover, it offers a lot of exercises for your bunny. Because the mat has a woven pattern…

The bunny can:

  • Dig.
  • Pull.
  • Gnaw.
  • Scratch.

The mat also comes in other variations. 

This one has a carrot patch. It’s not just cuter. It’s also more interactive.

#9: Digging platform

What is it?

A digging platform is a combination of a wood plank and rope. The rope threads on the holes of the platform.

How does it work?

Your rabbit can pull the thread while they’re digging.

It’s a great exercise for your bunny. And it’s sure to keep them busy all day.

Now, if the rope becomes loose…

You can easily restring it.

#10: Wooden scratchboard

“Why does my rabbit prefer to scratch and dig on corners of walls?”

Studies confirm that bunnies have an urge to dig and make holes. They have a habit of scratching and digging through hard surfaces.

That said, the soft toys we’ve recommended above may not be enough.

Instead, you can choose toys made of harder materials. They’re good for your rabbit because they:

  • Feel satisfying to scratch.
  • Keep the rabbit’s nails trimmed.

Try this rabbit scratchboard.

It’s perfect for scratching, digging, and even gnawing.

Plus, it’s designed with grooves that work as nail clippers.

Your tough rabbit will surely have no problem with this toy.

#11: Cat scratcher

Yes, you read the heading right.

It may be confusing, but we did say “cat.”

Because, like cats, rabbits scratch surfaces to dig.

That’s why a cat scratcher works well for rabbits, too.

Fill it up with hay or straw to make it a great digging box.

Now, whether you buy or make your rabbit toys…

Your four-legged friends will love playing with them.

It’s really easy to keep your bunnies entertained!