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17 Most Popular Breeds Of Rabbits In 2023 [Updated]

Popular Breeds Of Rabbits

There are about 50 rabbit breeds worldwide.

Plus, every bunny has a different personality and quirk.

So if you’re planning to adopt one that best suits you…

You’ve got many choices to choose from.

Well, don’t worry.

I’ve narrowed it down to the most favorite ones. 

Read on to learn:

  • 17 most popular breeds of rabbits in 2023.
  • The smallest and largest in the bunny world.
  • The breed that holds the title of having the longest ears.
  • And so much more…

What is the most common rabbit breed?

The most common rabbit breed is the Eastern cottontail. They usually have a reddish-brown coat. Plus, big rear legs and a short white tail. You can see most of them in the meadows of North America. But they also have a growing population in New England, France, Italy, and South America.

These rabbits live in the wild. And they’re spread all over the globe.

But if you’re looking for the most common bunnies in households…

Here’s a list I gathered.

17 most popular breeds of rabbits

#1: Lionhead


This breed’s fairly new in the US.

These bunnies originated from Belgium. Then people imported them into England in 1998, experts say. 

The American Rabbit Breeders Association, a.k.a. ARBA, only recognized it in 2014.

But until now, Lionhead’s popularity has been growing steadily.

Now, why’s that?

These rabbits often have a loving, gentle nature.

Most of them enjoy people’s company and are great with kids.

Plus, they’re playful and full of life too.

However, the main reason for the Lionhead craze is their striking appearance.

These bunnies have tiny, round bodies – weighing around 3.75 lb (1.7 kg) at most.

But despite being small…

They stand out due to the ‘mane-like’ fur around their head. 

This feature makes them resemble the ‘King of the Jungle.’

Hence, the name.

Note: Lionheads come in 2 registered colors. These are ruby-eyed white and tortoise (black, blue, chocolate, lilac).

#2: Netherland Dwarf

Netherland Dwarf

Here’s another breed that lives up to its name.

These furry dwarfs are the smallest in the bunny world.

According to PDSA, an average adult of this breed weighs only under 2.2 lb (1 kg). While the maximum’s 2.5 lb (1.1 kg).

Thus, these bunnies can fit right on your palm.

Plus, they look extra adorable with their:

  • Bright eyes.
  • Round profile.
  • Tiny upright ears.

Not convinced yet?

Well, see their cuteness for yourself:

But besides their looks…

Netherland Dwarfs are also known to be gentle and loving. Which saves them a place in today’s popular rabbit breeds.

However, some can be skittish at first.

Although with patience, they can open up to people.

#3: Rex


With their unique, velvety coat…

I’m sure you’ve never seen anything like them.

This luxurious-looking fur earned them the title of ‘King of Rabbits.’

Which is where they got their name, ‘rex’ – the Latin word for ‘king.’

Also, due to their smooth coat, they only require little grooming.

Aside from this…

What makes Rex rabbits famous is their friendly nature.

They usually enjoy being around people. And they have a playful side as well.

So they’re an ideal furry companion.

Trivia: Rex rabbits were imported to the US in 1924. Since then, their demand has been high. And as per ARBA, they now come in 16 different colors.

#4: Mini Rex

Mini Rex

Here’s another Rex on the list.

However, they’re 2 different breeds. And the only thing they share is their velvet-like fur.

Mini Rex started in Texas in 1984. Then it was recognized as a breed in 1988.

As its name implies, Minis are smaller than Rex rabbits. As these little furry pals only weigh 4.5 lb (2 kg).

Now, in terms of personality…

Standard Rex bunnies are more laid-back in general.

But the Mini Rex also has a friendly image. Which makes them perfect for families and 1st-time rabbit owners.

#5: Polish


Due to their tiny bodies…

You might think these rabbits are dwarf breeds too.

Say Mini Rex and Netherland Dwarfs.

However, Polish bunnies aren’t like them.

Experts describe them as having:

  • Longer ears.
  • ‘Non-brachycephalic’ heads.

To explain the latter…

Most dwarf breeds are ‘brachycephalic.’

This means they have shortened skull bones.

And although they look cute…

This trait’s often linked with dental issues.

A study found they’re at risk of deformed tear ducts. Which is a painful condition.

So if you’re planning to have a little breed…

Expect to give them more care and attention. Especially when it comes to their health.

#6: Holland Lop

Holland Lop

If you look at these rabbits from their back…

They could make you think…

“Is it a bunny or a puppy?”

It’s because, unlike most rabbits, Lop breeds have long, floppy ears.

They also have bigger heads than the previous breeds mentioned above.

And these features set them apart from the rest.

Now, they only make up 15% of the rabbit breeds. And 1 of them is Holland Lop.

These rabbits are known for being:

  • Gentle.
  • Lively.
  • Smart.

So along with their doll-like appearance…

Holland Lops are in the 5 most popular breeds of ARBA.

#7: Mini Lop

Mini Lop

These bunnies are the tiniest Lops.

So because of their compact bodies and adorable looks…

They’re also famous around the world.

Like Holland Lops, Minis have floppy ears and a stocky frame.

Also, when handled and socialized well…

They can be a cuddly type too.

Plus, they’re intelligent and trainable.

Thus, you can teach your Mini Lop to come when called or solve a puzzle toy.

Even litter box training might be easy peasy.

Note: Vets share that these rabbits are a bit high-maintenance. Due to their tiny size, you must be extra careful when handling them. Also, their long ears need frequent cleaning to avoid dirt or mites buildup.

#8: English Lop

English Lop

You already know that most Lops are chill and easygoing.

This fantastic personality catches the hearts of many people.

And it’s the reason why they’re a crowd’s favorite.

But when it comes to English Lops…

They have 1 more feature that’s unique from others.

Based on ARBA, these rabbits have the longest ears among all breeds.

“How long are they?”

Usually, an English Lop’s ear measures around 28 in (70 cm).

Mind you. This is from tip to tip. 

And some bunnies may even grow up to 32 in (81 cm).

It’s indeed an unusual trait. But experts say that their long ears reduce an English Lop’s agility.

Also, their ears are more prone to injuries and infection.

#9: French Lop

French Lop

Unlike Mini Lops, these bunnies are heavier.

They also have bigger and sturdier heads.

But despite their intimidating looks…

These bunnies are great with kids.

They have a calm temper. And they like interacting with people.

Now, pair this with their elegant looks…

And you’ll get a popular rabbit breed. Both in shows and as pets.

#10: Dutch


We’re now done with Lops with floppy ears.

I now introduce to you a rabbit breed known for its distinct markings.

At a glance, these bunnies may seem like they’re wearing a trouser.

This is because they have white fur from the neck to the middle of their body.

While they’re covered with colored fur from their mid-chest down to their rear end. As well as their heads and ears.

Which makes it look like they have a headdress and pants on.

Now, in terms of temperament, you have nothing to worry about. As Dutch rabbits are usually gentle and friendly.

Note: Most of them have black and white coats. But Dutch bunnies also come in:

  • Blue.
  • Gray.
  • Steel.
  • Tortoise.
  • Chinchilla.
  • Chocolate.

#11: Californian


Speaking of markings…

This rabbit breed’s also famous for them.

Californian bunnies have mainly white fur.

But they have black markings on their:

  • Tail.
  • Feet.
  • Ears.
  • Nose.

Thus, you can easily spot these lovable furries.

“How are they as pets?”

These rabbits are easygoing. So they make lovely companions.

Plus, they usually like cuddles. As well as lots of playtimes.

So be ready to get more active once you get these furry buddies.

#12: Dwarf Papillon

Dwarf Papillon

These bunnies may look similar to Californian rabbits.

Like the latter, they also have black markings on their snout. 

As if they have a mustache on.

But you may also see it as a butterfly marking. Which is where they got their name. (‘Papillon’ means ‘butterfly’ in French.)

Plus, they have black ears too.

So, how can you tell these 2 breeds apart?

First, Dwarf Papillons have markings around their eyes.

Second, they have dark spots around their bodies. Like their fur’s splashed with black paint.

Third, their ears are erect in a V-shape.

Note: These bunnies are sweet and curious. Plus, they love to play too.

#13: Sussex


Cuddly and friendly.

These 2 traits make this a famous rabbit breed.

They’re calm yet playful.

Plus, they show their love to their humans more than other bunnies.

So some people even say they act like dogs. Labradors, to be more specific. As they’re sweet and energetic.

Thus, if you love rabbits and Fidos…

You’ll get the best of both worlds in Sussex.

Note: This rabbit breed only comes in 2 colors – cream and gold.

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#14: New Zealand

New Zealand

As per ARBA, this breed holds the most wins in shows.

They grow fast. Plus, they pride themselves on their short, smooth coat.

Making them a popular breed for years.

Now, what do these bunnies look like?

New Zealand rabbits have broad bodies and erect ears.

And they have 5 stunning colors:

  • Red.
  • Blue.
  • Black.
  • White.
  • Broken.

In terms of character…

These bunnies are even-tempered.

They can tolerate being handled by people. And they’re even better than most tinier breeds.

Fun fact: Unlike their name, these furry pals weren’t created in New Zealand. These rabbits were developed in California, USA. But rumors say their ancestors were from the Kiwis. Hence, the name. 

#15: Palomino


These rabbits have beautiful, pale golden fur. Which is the origin of their name.

They can be medium or large-sized.

And they come in 2 varieties:

  • Golden (a mix of orange, beige, white, and cream).
  • Lynx (a mix of gray, silver, orange, beige, and white).

Now, Palomino’s nature’s as lovely as their looks.

They’re known for being chill and friendly.

So they tend to behave nicely around people. As well as other pets.

Thus, these bunnies are ideal if you’re a 1st-time rabbit parent.

#16: Harlequin


These fur babies are known for their striking coat colors.

They come in fawn or white. Along with darker colors. Say black, blue, or chocolate.

Ideally, a Harlequin’s head’s perfectly split into 2 colors.

For example, the left side’s fawn.

Meanwhile, the right’s black.

Then, their body will also have bands of alternating colors – like a bumble bee.

Or a checkered pattern, similar to a chess board.

Thus, Harlequins catch the attention of many people. Putting them on the most wanted furry friends.

“What about their personality?”

They’re smart like most rabbits.

You can train them to use a litter box. As well as teach them to make them come to you.

Also, Harlequins are outgoing.

They’re always curious. Plus, they’re playful and ready for adventure too.

They also like being the center of attention.

Then, once you give them affection…

They’ll return it to you – tenfolds.

Trivia: Due to their fun, interesting pattern, people call them the ‘clowns’ of bunnies.

#17: Flemish Giant

Last but not least.

This list will be incomplete without these ‘gentle giants.’

On average, these rabbits can weigh up to 15 lb (6.8 kg). And grow around 2.5 ft (0.76 m) long.

But others can be as heavy as 22 lb (10 kg). Then grow as big as a medium-sized dog.

Yup. You’ve read it right.

Flemish Giants also live up to their name. As they’re the biggest breed of rabbits in the world.

Now, despite their gigantic bodies…

These bunnies are gentle and cuddly on the inside.

They’ll follow you wherever you go. And they may also give you kisses as gratitude.

So with their fluffy, huggable size and their sweet temperament…

There’s no doubt that Flemish Giants are 1 of the most popular rabbit breeds now.

And if you’re thinking of getting them, it’s almost like having a dog at home. Well, minus the loud barks and other doggy shenanigans.

Fun fact: ‘Darius,’ the Flemish, was the ‘longest rabbit living’ in 2010. Based on records, the bunny was said to be 4 ft (1.29 m) long.