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13 Laziest Rabbit Breeds In The World (With Pictures)

Lazy Rabbit Breeds

If some bunnies love hopping around…

Other rabbits are always in dreamland, sleeping all day.

So if you’re also not too active…

And you want a furry pal to chill out with…

Here are a bunch of lazy buns you must know.

Read on to learn more:

  • 13 laziest rabbit breeds and what they look like.
  • Mind-blowing similar traits among these bunnies.
  • The smallest and biggest lazy breeds in the world.
  • And so much more…

13 laziest rabbit breeds in the world

#1: Fauve de Bourgogne

Fauve De Bourgogne

Want a furry buddy to cuddle and hang out with?

These bunnies are beyond ‘purrfect’ for the job.

Fauve de Bourgogne rabbits are chill and friendly.

They’re usually easy to tame. So you can befriend 1 in no time.

Plus, they’re less active than other bunny breeds.

They prefer lounging to running around.

Thus, they’ll often sit or lie down with you happily.

Experts say this lazy breed came from Burgundy, France.

Then they spread to other parts of Europe, like:

  • Italy.
  • Belgium.
  • Switzerland.

And they were only recognized officially as a breed in 1928.

Now, aside from their relaxed personality…

Fauve de Bourgogne rabbits are known for their stunning red fur.

The former’s thanks to the selective breeding of fawn bunnies in Burgundy.

Also, these medium-sized rabbits are adorable too.

And you can identify them with their:

  • Big heads.
  • Short legs.
  • Round, chubby bodies.

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#2: Mini Lop

Mini Lop

When it comes to laziness, Lop-eared rabbits are also top on the list.

These doll-like rabbits love to cuddle. And they have a calm nature too.

So they’ll be great family pets as well.

Now, this breed comes in various sizes and types.

1 of them’s Mini Lops.

Most of these bunnies aren’t too active.

They may run once a day or night. And they like lying around doing nothing.

Therefore, they’re as lazy as can be.

Besides this, Mini Lops are sweet furry balls.

They have pleasant personalities.

Also, they’re sociable and love to snuggle with their humans.

So you might only see their most playful side when they lean in for smooches. Or jump on the couch for cuddles.

Plus, they look so cute with their stocky, tiny bodies. Along with their floppy ears and softball-sized heads.

Trivia: Mini Lops came to the US during the 1970s. And they’re 1 of the most popular breeds as well.

#3: English Lop

English Lop

Like Mini Lops, these rabbits are often lazy – even as baby buns.

They’re calm, so you can easily handle them. And they usually enjoy cuddling too.

With their little heads and droopy ears, English Lops also love bumming around.

Although you give them 24/7 access outside…

They may spend most of their time inside their cage instead.

1 of their favorite games is sitting in 1 place. As well as throwing items around or headbutting things.

So they play well on their own and are highly content with it.

But remember, rabbits are social animals. 

Thus, they may get sad when alone for a long time.

Fun fact: English Lops have the longest and biggest ears among all rabbit breeds. Based on vets, these can grow up to 27 in (68.6 cm). But a bunny of this kind named ‘Nipper’s Geronimo’ had the longest ears, measuring 31 in (79 cm) in 2003, as per records.

#4: French Lop

French Lop

Here’s another lazy rabbit breed with floppy ears. So it could be a lop thing.

But unlike their family, Mini Lops, these bunnies are larger.

Their average weight’s around 10-15 lb (4.5-6.8 kg).

Thus, they make thick, fluffy cuddle buddies.

French Lops are calm and on the lazy side.

They’re sluggish most of the day.

So you’d only see them running around fast if yummy food’s nearby. 

Or if they’re excited to snuggle with their humans. 

And it’s because French Lops adore their families so much.

Sometimes, they might zoom around their place for about 10 minutes or more.

But once playtime’s over…

They’ll be inseparable from their bed or the floor.

And that’s just how they are.

Watch this adorable French Lop who’s always in sleep mode:

#5: Continental Giant

Continental Giant

Since we’re now on the topic of huge bunnies…

Here is 1 of the biggest and laziest rabbit breeds in the world.

As their name implies, Continental Giants have massive bodies.

They weigh around 16-20 lb (7.3-9 kg) on average.

Plus, they have long erect ears that are longer than their heads.

Now, although each bunny differs in personality…

Most giant breeds fall in the calm and lazy category. And these bunnies can prove this.

Continental Giants love lounging around.

Also, they’re usually unbothered by things that are happening around them.

But if you invite them to play…

They might be up to solving a puzzle or mind game.

These giants are smart and enjoy such challenges.

Well. If you think about it, heavy bodies and long ears may affect how they move. As this makes them less energetic than smaller, active rabbits.

So, they’re a perfect pal for you if you enjoy peace. And you’re a couch potato yourself.

Trivia: Usually, the ears of a Continental Giant rabbit are 25% of their body length. Mind you, these bunnies can grow as long as 3 ft (91 cm). Which is the size of a yardstick or 3 soda cans.

#6: British Giant

British Giant

These gray, fluffy rabbits are also lazybones.

British Giants have huge, long bodies. As well as powerful legs.

But they’re not too energetic.

These bunnies like hanging out in the yard. Or sleeping in their cage most of the time.

Aside from being lazy…

Experts say they’re friendly and good-natured as well.

They rarely act aggressively.

So they’re great with kids.

Plus, they may also stand being around other pets or animals.

And this makes British Giants ideal house pets.

Fun fact: These rabbits were created in the UK in the 1940s. They usually grow as big as a small-sized dog. And weigh up to 15.4 lb (7 kg).

#7: Flemish Giant

Flemish Giant

These rabbits prefer a peaceful life.

Usually, they love a good, long snooze. And they can do it anywhere.

May it be in the living room, backyard, or inside their hutch.

Everywhere’s a perfect spot for lounging around and taking naps.

Plus, expect them to bask quietly in the afternoon sun.

But besides their sluggishness…

Flemish Giants are also friendly and easy to handle.

So they’re a great choice for families with kids.

These bunnies love getting attention too.

Thus, they’ll be the happiest if you spend time with them. (At least 3-5 hours daily.)

So don’t be shocked if they hop on your lap for cuddles. And stay right there to rest.

Trivia: Flemish Giants are the biggest among rabbit breeds. To date, the largest 1 weighs 22 lb (10 kg). So experts think they came from the ‘Patagonian giant rabbit’ – a breed that no longer exists.

#8: American Chinchilla

American Chinchilla

These bunnies have similar fur color to Chinchillas. Which is where they got their name.

But apart from their soft, grayish coat…

They’re also known as couch potatoes in the bunny land.

Now, why’s that?

When American Chinchillas are at rest…

Nothing fazes them.

So if you drop something, they may not even care.

Also, they like lying around anywhere. And they’ll spend most of their day like that.

In short, these big rabbits are outright lazy.

However, they’re sweet and calm too.

This trait makes them great furry pals for:

  • Families.
  • Children.
  • Senior individuals.
  • People who live alone.
  • 1st-time bunny parents.

Also, these bunnies are smart.

You can easily train them with cues. Say teaching them to come to you when called or at mealtime.

Plus, they’ll also do their business in a litter box when taught well.

Note: These rabbits are low-maintenance. But due to their big size, they’re not for apartments. And won’t do well living in small areas.

#9: Giant Chinchilla

Giant Chinchilla

This is the last giant breed on the lazy list.

They have a gentle nature.

And usually, they’re not as playful as most giant rabbit breeds.

So like American Chinchillas…

These bunnies like to bum around as well.

The only difference is their size.

Well. Their name gives it away already.

Giant Chinchillas are bigger.

Based on experts, they grow so fast when young.

Which could be the result of breeding overweight rabbits and Flemish Giants.

And as an adult, they can weigh 16 lb (7.26 kg) at most.

It’s as heavy as a bowling ball or a vacuum cleaner machine.

Thus, expect to see a big furry ball on the floor. As these giants love slacking off.

Fun fact: Edward Stahl created this breed in the US in 1921. He was the 1st to earn a million dollars by selling bunnies. So Giant Chinchillas got the title, ‘The Million Dollar Rabbit.’

#10: American


Let’s now move on to smaller bunnies.

American rabbits are medium-sized.

They have big, upright ears. And they come in white or dark gray color.

These bunnies are usually mellow and friendly.

Most of them don’t mind getting picked up. As well as being cuddled – only if you handle them properly.

So they can be a furry friend for families. And also for kids and seniors.

Apart from being easygoing…

American rabbits are lazy as well.

They don’t care much about physical activities.

Thus, they’ll be content lying around.

So they’re ideal if you want a pet you can casually hang out with.

But sometimes, they may have sudden bursts of energy too.

Although sleep will always be their top priority.

Trivia: American rabbits are rare. Their population reduced in the 1980s. And they were once called ‘German Blue Vienna.’ But their name changed after World War I.

#11: Dutch


This is an all-time popular rabbit breed.

They’re small, with a maximum weight of 5.5 lb (2.49 kg).

Which is like carrying 5 bunches of bananas or 5 packs of bacon.

Also, they have a famous 2-toned pattern. Either a mix of white with black, chocolate, or gray.

Now, in terms of personality…

Dutch rabbits are chill and easygoing.

They’ll be lazy throughout the day.

And they’ll be happy with just chilling out and doing nothing.

Oops. Isn’t this quite relatable? 😂

#12: Mini Rex

Mini Rex

This breed’s popular for its sweet character.

They don’t mind being around people. And they can even beg for cuddles too.

Moreover, Mini rex rabbits are usually calm bunnies.

So often, they prefer a lazy lifestyle.

Thus, you may find them chilling under a desk. Or they’ll be sleeping while sprawled out on the floor.

Meanwhile, others won’t also mind hanging out on your lap.

Note: Mini Rex rabbits have small, round bodies. And most adults only weigh around 3-4.4 lb (1.4-2 kg).

#13: Polish

Lastly, this is 1 of the tiniest rabbit breeds in the world.

So Polish bunnies are too cute for words.

They have short heads and chubby cheeks.

And they’re as small as a dwarf breed.

At most, experts say Polish rabbits weigh about 3.5 lb (1.59 kg).

Thus, they can be as light as a small potted plant or table lamp.

But what makes them more popular with rabbit lovers is their sweet personalities.

Polish bunnies like to be around people. And they often seek attention too.

Now, usually, their energy level’s not too high.

So they can also sleep on your lap after cuddle time.