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27 Most Famous Cartoon Rabbits Of All Time (Updated 2023)

Famous Cartoon Rabbits

Nothing beats the fluffy cuteness of a rabbit.

So it’s not shocking to see so many become famous cartoon figures.

But can you guess the most popular ones?

Well, we’ve put together a list of both old and new.

And these bunnies will leave you at a loss for words…

Continue reading to discover:

  • A  bunny who started it all for Disney.
  • The famous rabbit superstar from the Looney Tunes.
  • A poor little bunny who always gets into the bloodiest disasters.
  • And so much more…

27 most famous cartoon rabbits

#1: Bugs Bunny

If we’re talking Looney Tunes…

Then there’s no rabbit more popular than Bugs Bunny.

In fact, he’s still considered an icon even by today’s cartoon standards.

And before you say Bugs Bunny’s era was back in the past…

You’ll be surprised at the sheer number of kids who still know him by heart.

Plus, it doesn’t get better than his iconic line:

“Eh, what’s up, doc?”

Not to mention the memorable carrot he always carried around when saying it too.

So if you’ve been dying for a trip down memory lane…

Then this Bugs Bunny compilation should do the trick:

#2: The White Rabbit

Disney’s Alice in Wonderland (1951) was ahead of its time.

And many fans still fondly remember the breathtaking animation…

Not to mention the colorful cast of characters.

But can you remember who led Alice to wonderland in the first place?

Well, it’s none other than The White Rabbit.

An unusual fellow wearing a waistcoat.

Plus, staring at his pocketwatch and singing:

“I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!”

On the bright side, it’s good thing rabbits can run around really fast.

#3: Thumper

Thumper’s the cute little rabbit from Bambi (1942).

And he’s also the white-tailed deer’s best friend.

Plus, he’s famous for his iconic introduction:

“I’m thumpin’. That’s why they call me Thumper.”

But the best part?

Well, he’s actually 1 of the most realistic bunnies too.

Because by the end of Bambi…

Thumper’s got a big nest of daughters and sons to his name.

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#4: Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit’s so popular because he taught kids to have fun.

And while most people remember him for the books…

There’s actually an entire cartoon series dedicated to his adventures too.

Not to mention the movies as well.

But what makes him stand out?

Well, Peter’s the most mischievous rabbit you’ll meet.

And fans can’t help but love him for it. 

#5: Judy Hopps

If you ever find yourself in the big city of Zootopia

Then Judy Hopps will be your best bet to finding your way around.

Because this brave little bunny’s the first rabbit on the police force.

And she’s famous for her never-give-up attitude…

Not to mention solving the biggest criminal mystery in the city. 

But the best part?

Well, she’s got the most inspiring lessons and quotes:

“Look inside yourself and recognize that change starts with you. It starts with me. It starts with all of us.”

#6: Roger Rabbit

Roger Rabbit

Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) was 1 of the best live-action meets animation films.

In fact, the entire movie still holds up in visual quality today.

But the most memorable part of it all?

Well, it’s the main character himself, Roger Rabbit.

A bunny who’s extremely friendly…

Yet almost always ends up in the most cartoonish accidents you’ll ever see.

His iconic blue eyes and red overalls are still remembered even today.

Not to mention Roger’s hot wife, Jessica Rabbit.

But if your bunny starts acting like Roger…

You might want to get him checked.

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#7: Lola Bunny

While Bugs Bunny might be the superstar rabbit in the Looney Tunes…

His female counterpart Lola Buny almost always stole the show.

And after her debut on the silver screen in Space Jam 1996

You’ll be shocked at how many people were head over heels for Lola.

So on top of being a skilled basketball player…

Lola Bunny has become a famous cartoon figure.

Not to mention all the Halloween costumes that follow her signature athletic look.

And it really makes you think about what food a rabbit has to eat to get so fit.

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#8: Rabbit (Winnie-the-Pooh)

Although bunnies can be very energetic and zoom around the place.

Rabbit from Winnie-the-Pooh has to be the calmest and most complex furry friend out there.

Because he likes to enjoy the finer things in life…

Like gardening, ice-skating, or just simply relaxing in his bed. 

But does that take away from his character?

Not in the slightest.

In fact, it’s 1 of the reasons why he’s so famous.

Rabbit from Winnie-the-Pooh is different, and he doesn’t care.

He’s still a kind and friendly bunny.

But he can be quite strict at times…

Like giving out firm opinions on things now and then.

#9: Snowball

In The Secret Life of Pets

Snowball’s the seemingly kind and cute bunny in the movie.

But don’t let his appearance fool you.

Because Snowball’s got a heart as cold as stone.

And his contrasting personality and looks are what make him so popular.

On the bright side, he does learn to warm up by the end of the film…

Especially since someone finally decided to adopt him.

As a result, fans can’t help but fall head over heels for the cute little bunny.

Snowball can make a quite 180-degree turn when someone shows him real affection.

And I think everyone should go and comfort their pet rabbits

#10: Max

Max is the cute little bunny from the popular cartoon Max & Ruby.

And while he may not have the grandest adventures…

He’s always got the best lessons and behavior for everyone to learn from.

Like learning how to be independent.

Or teaching kids how to be responsible for their actions.

Of course, real-life rabbits aren’t the most obedient.

In fact, a bunny might even eat cardboard too.

But if you grew up with Max Bunny around…

Then you probably have the best manners. 

As a result, it’s not surprising that Max’s popular among kids and parents.

He’s just that great of an influence on people. 

#11: Ruby

Max And Ruby

Of course, we can’t mention Max without his big sister, Ruby Bunny.

The smart and curious rabbit who always watches over Max.

Sure, Ruby might not have any superpowers.

Or go through crazy adventures like other rabbits on this list.

But that’s exactly what made her stand out.

She’s like any other older sister that dotes on their younger siblings.

Plus, she’s very responsible too.

And Ruby never shies away from taking the lead to teach Max new things.

But the best part of it all?

Max and Ruby were great examples of family sticking together for each other.

In fact, even research agrees.

Because staying close to your loved ones can improve your well-being. 

#12: Cuddles

Although the name might sound cute…

The world of Happy Tree Friends was the farthest thing from sunshine and rainbows.

You see, the cartoon would take any simple joke…

And then proceed to show the goriest outcomes possible.

On top of that, Cuddles the rabbit was almost always the worst victim…

Unofficially becoming the show’s mascot for everything that happened to him.

But did any of this take away from the cartoon’s popularity?

Not in the slightest.

In fact, all the gore and blood made it stand out.

As a result, it’s not shocking to see why Cuddles became so popular.

However, you might want to avoid watching too much of Cuddles the rabbit.

Because research shows that violent media can be very harmful.

In fact, it can cause a lot of stress and discomfort. 

#13: Buster Baxter

Arthur Read may be the protagonist of Arthur the animated series.

But his rabbit best friend, Buster Baxter, was just as popular.

So what made this fluffy white bunny so special then?

Well, Buster Baxter’s simply your easygoing and food-loving friend.

On top of that, he had a strange love for aliens and UFOs.

As a result, a lot of fans felt he was so relatable. 

Plus, he’s very kind and loyal too…

Which made Buster all the more likable throughout the series.

#14: Ricochet Rabbit

If you ever need help in the Wild West…

Then Ricochet Rabbit’s the bunny sheriff you should call.

He’s the iconic protagonist from Ricochet Rabbit & Droop-a-Long.

And he’s famous for solving crime in the fastest and funniest way possible.

In fact, he ran so fast bullets couldn’t even keep up with him. 

Not to mention Ricochet Rabbit’s popular catchphrase:

“ping, ping, PING!”

Unfortunately, the series ended back in 1966.

So a younger audience might not be familiar with him.

#15: March Hare

Disney’s Alice in Wonderland from 1951 was a great animated feature film.

And while most people remember the Mad Hatter and his green top hat…

His wacky bunny best friend, March Hare, was just as lovable.

Sure, the March Hare was a bit mad.

But the same can be said for almost every resident of Wonderland.

So a lot of fans still loved him…

Especially for his iconic oversized mallet.

The March Hare also enjoyed drinking a lot of tea.

But you might want to avoid giving any of that to your pet rabbit.

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#16: Hazel (Watership Down)

Watership Down (1978) was a heartbreaking story.

But despite all the scary and unforgiving scenes…

It had plenty of lessons.

And can you guess who was at the heart of it all?

Well, it’s none other than Hazel the rabbit.

The responsible, caring, and intelligent leader.

Of course, the brown bunny might not have any feats of strength.

But he was cunning.

And most of all, compassionate.

As a result, Hazel has become 1 of the most popular rabbits in animation history. 

#17: Anais Watterson

The Amazing World of Gumball was 1 of Cartoon Network’s most successful shows.

And while series protagonists, Gumball and Darwin, may have gotten the most screentime…

Their cute little bunny sister, Anais Watterson, was just as famous among fans.

But what exactly made her so special, you ask?

Well, Anais was the smartest in the Watterson family.

In fact, she was probably the most mature one too.

And how her personality played so well with everyone else was just super fun to watch…

It’s not surprising why fans still love her to this day. 

#18: Richard Watterson

Unlike the intelligent and cute Anais Watterson…

Her father, Richard Watterson, was the complete opposite.

He was a big pink rabbit that was very lazy…

Not to mention loved eating way too much.

But did take away from his character?

No, of course not.

In fact, it made Richard a fun character.

Plus, he always had the best intentions for his family…

Even if it didn’t show in his actions.

Although it would help if Richard tried eating healthier sometimes…

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#19: Mr. Herriman

There’s no rabbit more stern, strict, and uptight than Mr. Herriman.

And wearing his signature tuxedo and monocle…

He was the head of the house of Foster’s in Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends (2004).

In fact, despite being an imaginary friend himself…

Mr. Herriman always stood by the rules.

And he’d get in the way of anyone if it meant following things by the book.

But at the end of the day…

Mr. Herriman was simply a rabbit with a big heart.

And him being strict was his way of showing how much he cared.

So fans can’t help but love and hate the rabbit at the same time.

#20: Daffodil (Clifford’s Puppy Days)

Clifford, the big red dog, might be the star of the show.

But Daffodil the bunny stole the spotlight plenty of times in Clifford’s Puppy Days.

How so, you ask?

Well, this cute pink rabbit was the far more serious character.

And while some fans didn’t like her attitude sometimes…

Daffodil always meant well.

Plus, the strong bond she shared with Clifford made her all the more lovable.

On top of that, she was like any other pet rabbit you would find.

Daffodil loved eating carrots.

And she liked to take naps too.

#21: Rabbids

Okay, the Rabbids might not technically count as rabbits.

And that’s because they’re aliens who just love getting into the craziest situations.

However, they are designed to look like bunnies.

Plus, their hyper-energetic attitude’s very similar to a rabbit’s behavior…

If it were cranked up 100 times. 

And that’s exactly why they got so famous.

You wouldn’t believe the stuff they’d get themselves into.

#22: Angel Bunny (My Little Pony)

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (2010) featured a world of unicorns living in a beautiful world.

So where exactly does the rabbit come into play, you ask?

Well, Angel Bunny was Fluttershy’s bossy pet.

And while the yellow and pink unicorn tried her best…

Angel was hard to please.

“So that made Angel Bunny a hard character to love, right?”

On the contrary, it made him even more memorable.

Plus, he had his moments too.

Like when he helped Fluttershy stand up for herself. 

#23: Buttercream Sundae (Littlest Pet Shop)

Littlest Pet Shop (2012) is a show full of all kinds of cute animals.

But the Netherland Dwarf Rabbit, Buttercream Sundae, was probably the most energetic.

You see, despite Buttercream’s cuteness and beauty…

She was very active.

In fact, she also had a knack for mischief.

Like causing a mess after eating so many sweets.

But fans still love her anyway.

#24: Bunnie D’Coolette

Sonic the Hedgehog might be a popular icon.

But let’s not forget Bunnie D’Coolette.

The golden rabbit freedom fighter.

Sure, Bunnie might not be a speedster…

But she’s got super strength.

And even the power of flight.

Plus, her undying love for hairdressing made her even more relatable too.

#25: Br’er Rabbit

Song of the South may have aired all the way back in 1946.

But the animation quality still holds up today…

And the stories of Br’er Rabbit still have just as many lessons for us to learn.

Like if you’re not strong…

It doesn’t mean you can’t be smart and think your way out of a problem.

However, it’s the “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah” song that made Br’er Rabbit so popular.

In fact, you can still catch him singing the song too.

Like in Disneyland’s Splash Mountain.

Plus, playing that tune might just treat a depressed rabbit.

#26: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Mickey Mouse might be the face of Disney.

But was it the gleeful mouse who started it all?

Not by a long shot.

It was actually Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the same fame as Mickey Mouse…

Despite being a pioneer in animation.

But Oswald’s reputation has been on the rise.

Because he’s making appearances in films and video games.

Like Big Hero 6 and Epic Mickey.

Not to mention theme parks in Tokyo and Paris too.

#27: Babs Bunny

Babs Bunny is the cute pink rabbit protagonist of Tiny Toon Adventures.

And while she doesn’t have the same popularity as Bugs…

Her colorful and comedic personality’s definitely a contender. 

Plus, Babs is very sassy too.

In fact, her flair is 1 of the reasons why she stands out among the Looney Tunes crowd.

But the best part?

Well, her show got a reboot for the year 2023, titled Tiny Toons Looniversity…