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Dead Bunny Flop: What It Is + 3 Video Examples (2023)

Dead Bunny Flop

It must’ve happened a lot of times…

When you walked into your rabbit and saw them lying still…

Or you watched them play and they suddenly flopped over.

This action has been done repeatedly, but each time, you still freak out.

But no, your fur baby isn’t dead. They’re just doing a dead bunny flop.

Keep reading to discover:

  • Why a rabbit flops.
  • What a dead bunny flop is.
  • If flopping is something to worry about.
  • 3 cute and funny bunny flop video examples.
  • And more…

What is a dead bunny flop?

A dead bunny flop is when a rabbit abruptly goes down on a side-lying position. It’s an action a rabbit does when they’re really happy and relaxed.

Dead bunny flop: Should you be worried?

The truth is if a rabbit flops…

This means they’re happy and content with their life.

So you should be doing the opposite of worrying…

And that’s relaxing.

Because you did a great job in raising your bunnies.

What exactly is a dead bunny flop?

A dead bunny flop is also called a ‘fish flop.’

And the action got its term because it looks like a fish out of water.

To illustrate…

The rabbit turns their head sideways and then collapses on their side. This is an exaggerated and sudden movement.

That’s why it looks really funny when done by rabbits. Provided you’re familiar with why your rabbit does it. Otherwise, it can be worrying.

Why is it called ‘dead bunny flop?’

Bunny flopping is usually followed by a long period of rest. 

This means your rabbit will extend their legs out and lie still.

So it’s normal for you to think that your furry friend is dead…

When you see them in this position. That’s why it’s called a dead bunny flop.

Why do rabbits flop?

Rabbits do bunny flops for several good reasons:

  • Security.
  • Happiness.
  • Contentment.

Hence, you’ll usually see them flopping right after another cheerful activity.

According to vets, a contented rabbit may do:

  • Binkying.
  • Exploring.
  • Hopping around.
  • Relaxing their body.
  • Twitching their nose.

And similarly, rabbits may also make happy sounds like:

  • Purring.
  • Sighing.
  • Clucking.

That being said, when the rabbit flops…

It’s like they’re giving a dramatic ending to their happy exercise.

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“How do I keep my rabbit flopping?”

Now that you already know that your bunny flops when they’re happy…

Then you can try to give them the best life…

So they’ll keep on flopping.

Accordingly, here are tips on how to ensure your bunny’s welfare:

Tip #1: Provide a well-balanced diet

Provide A Well-Balanced Diet

Rabbit specialists advise that you give your bunnies high-fiber food like hay. 

Additionally, their diet should be low in starch…

And have a moderate amount of protein and calcium.

Tip #2: Neuter them

When a rabbit becomes sexually mature…

They’re prone to sexual urges and frustrations. They’ll also most likely be aggressive.

Because of this, spaying or neutering your rabbit is advised…

So there will be less aggression.

Tip #3: Let them play

As you might know, rabbits can become stressed when they’re bored. 

So, prevent your rabbit’s boredom by playing with them. However, if you’re too busy…

Then you can give them something to play with instead.

Check out these toys:

Tip #3: Encourage activities and exercise

In addition to playing, stimulation is also good for your rabbit.

You can let them do mentally and physically stimulating activities like:

  • Foraging.
  • Burrowing.
  • Running around.

Tip #4: Keep their hutch in tip-top shape

A responsible bunny parent must clean their rabbit’s cage on a regular basis…

Because a rabbit living in a dirty home is more prone to diseases.

Moreover, the hutch must be well-maintained…

With no loose parts that can injure your bunny.

Tip #5: Bunny-proof your house

If you let your rabbit play out of their cage…

They might get hurt by household things.

So keep your home hazard-free by:

  • Covering or putting away electric cables.
  • Keeping plants out of reach (some plants can be toxic to rabbits).

BONUS: Keep them safe from predators

Predators can frighten your bunny…

And then kill it.

Either way is harmful to your rabbit so you should keep these meat-eaters away.

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Is it okay to disturb a flopping rabbit?

Waking the rabbits up won’t harm them at all. Chances are, they’ll just go back to sleep.

Just be careful with your movements.

Because you don’t want to startle your bunny.

To explain…

Rabbit farmer Brittany May says that no matter how asleep the bunny is…

They’ll immediately wake up at the slightest sound or movement.

This is because rabbits are prey animals. Hence, they must be alert all the time.

Sometimes, they even sleep with their eyes open.

Because they’re always on the lookout for danger.

Therefore, if you just want to check if your rabbit’s okay…

Then go ahead.

“What if my rabbit doesn’t wake up?”

After flopping, your rabbit will be in a really deep sleep. But like I’ve said, they can still rise easily.

So if there’s an instance that your rabbit sleeps through any sound or movement…

You have to observe them well.

First, if a rabbit doesn’t respond when you call them…

But they do wake up when they see you or when you poke them…

Research suggests that this can be an indication that your bunny is deaf.

Likewise, if you pet your bunny and they awaken…

But they’re having a hard time getting up…

This may mean that they’re not feeling well.

If you see those unusual reactions in your rabbit…

It’s best to have a vet examine them.

3 dead bunny flop video examples

Now, let me show you some videos of adorable rabbits flopping.

Bunny #1: Pumpkin

In this first video, you’ll see Pumpkin in his bachelor days.

Pumpkin is having a blissful life…

And he shows this by flopping.

He flops after playing, eating, or drinking. He flops anytime, anywhere.

And when his companion came…

They even flopped together.

Bunny #2: Tiger

Don’t let this rabbit’s fierce name fool you…

Because he’s such a cute and gentle bunny. And the way he does his flop is tickling our hearts.

The next video is Tiger showing you how to do a dead bunny flop:

As shown in the video, before Tiger does the dead bunny flop…

He checks out the floor first.

Afterward, he lies completely still and goes to dreamland.

Bunny #3: Pipkin

Lastly, here’s Pipkin teaching rabbit owners a lesson:

Pipkin does a dead bunny flop. But he flops near the wall and bumps his head.

Don’t worry, though. He’s okay.

However, this should be a reminder to bunny parents like you.

Always make sure that your bunnies are playing in a safe area. This way, you can prevent injuries from happening.