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Can Rabbits Be Gay? 11 Surprising Facts (Updated 2023)

Can Rabbits Be Gay

When you put adult rabbits together in 1 cage or in the yard…

You might’ve seen some humping actions.

Now, we know that’s normal behavior for bunnies.

But what if the rabbits are of the same gender…

And still, took turns in mounting each other?

Does that make them gay?

Continue reading to find out:

  • Whether rabbits can be gay.
  • 11 surprising facts about a rabbit’s sexuality.
  • What causes a rabbit to show homosexual behavior.
  • And a lot more…

Can rabbits be gay?

Rabbits can be gay. Bunnies of the same gender can bond. And when they do, they’ll groom each other. Additionally, rabbits also mount other bunnies regardless of sex to solve social conflicts. Moreover, some toxins can cause homosexual behavior in rabbits.

Can rabbits be gay? 11 surprising facts

#1: 450 animal species practice homosexuality

Scientists have established that homosexual behavior is documented in lots of animals.

Examples of these species are:

  • Lions.
  • Giraffes.
  • Hyenas.
  • Rabbits.
  • Dolphins.
  • Antelopes.
  • Dwarf chimpanzees.

Academic advisor Petter Boeckman explained that homosexuality in animals is natural. And it’s essential to their lives.

“How is it important?” You may ask.

You see when a rabbit does a mating action…

It’s not only to reproduce. They may also need to solve conflicts.

This behavior is common in herding animals. 

Since these animals live in a group…

They have to think of ways to live peacefully together.

Now, most animals, rabbits included…

Avoid problems using same-gender sex. They do this to:

  • Break tension.
  • Maintain friendships.
  • Strengthen their bond.
  • Take the focus away from violence.

#2: Rabbit companions

Rabbit Companions

Rabbits are social animals. Hence, they’re not meant to live alone.

That’s why your bunny needs a friend…

But that buddy shouldn’t just be you. They’ll also need a rabbit companion.

Now, you might be thinking…

“What could be the best partner for my bunny?”

The obvious answer is a rabbit of the opposite sex.

However, you can also pair:

  • 2 babies.
  • Girl and girl.
  • Boy and boy.
  • Baby and adult.

Those pairings aren’t really unusual…

And could actually work.


Warning: Bonding rabbits of similar gender can be unstable. If you don’t do it right, there are chances that the pairing can end up in violent fighting.

Read on to learn more about…

#3: Same-sex pairing

Now that you’re aware of rabbit pairing…

Let’s talk about bonding bunnies of similar gender.

Some bunny parents may think…

I’ll get 2 female rabbits so they won’t get pregnant. Then, I won’t need to have them neutered. Easy peasy!”

Yes, the rabbits won’t reproduce. However, same-sex pairing is actually much harder…

Especially for unspayed bunnies…

Because they’re more aggressive. And this can lead to fighting.

Another common mistake bunny parents make is adopting similar-gendered siblings.

Sure, these rabbits loved each other when they were babies.

But as they reach puberty…

Their behavior will change. 

And just like with the example above…

They may end up fighting, too.

Successful same-sex pairings

Now, don’t get discouraged. Just because this kind of bonding’s hard…

That doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Since rabbits can also have a preference for the same gender…

You can still manage to make that bond.

And once you do succeed…

You’ll see your bunnies living happily ever after.

#4: Bunny bonding

Now that you’ve chosen your pair…

You can start with bonding your rabbits.

This is done by introducing bunny strangers and making them friends.

When 2 rabbits meet for the first time…

Several situations may happen:

  • They’ll take turns in mounting.
  • One bunny will chase and the other will run.
  • The rabbits will approach each other and sniff.

There are also some unusual incidents like:

  • The 2 rabbits will fight viciously.
  • They’ll groom each other right away.

It’s basically love or hate.

And any of these events may occur regardless of the rabbits’ genders.

That said when you get a bunny companion…

You don’t simply put them together in one cage.

No, it’s actually not that easy.

So vets listed down the steps in bonding rabbits:

  1. Neuter your rabbit.
  2. Start with side-by-side cages.
  3. Prepare and place them in a neutral place.
  4. Do this gradually every day and with supervision.

When the bunnies can be together in peace for 1-2 hours…

Then you’ll know they’ve finally bonded.

Love won.

#5: Rabbit grooming

As I’ve said, bunnies of similar gender can live together…

And they can have affection for each other.

Once they’ve bonded…

They can display their love by grooming.

They’ll take turns in licking or chewing the other’s fur.

Look at this video to see how rabbits groom each other:

#6: Non-reproductive sexual behavior

When animals mate…

It’s not always because they want to have babies.

They also participate in sex for other reasons like:

  • Affection.
  • Mentorship.
  • Social rank.
  • Social interaction.
  • Sexual enjoyment.
  • Exchange for food.

And their sexual behavior isn’t limited to actual intercourse.

Like those other animals…

Rabbits show sexual acts like:

Furthermore, some animals prefer to do those deeds…

With their fellows of the same gender.

However taboo this may sound for us humans…

These erotic practices are natural for animals. 

So, when you see your male rabbit humping another boy…

This may shock you. 

But for your bunny, it’s not a big deal.

#7: Mounting

This is an action you’ll commonly see between 2 bunnies. 

One rabbit climbs over the other’s back or head…

And makes pelvic thrusting motions.

It’s a position used for mating. And it’s also called humping.

But when you see your 2 male rabbits going at it…

You might call it “Brokeback Mounting.”

Your bunnies do this for 2 reasons:

  • Sexual urges.
  • Showing dominance.

Many bunny parents have informed us of this common behavior.

And it’s not just for male rabbits. Research shows that female bunnies mount, too.

Moreover, even neutered ones do this.

Your fluffy buddy can hump their opposite or same-sex…

And also other things like their toys…

Or even your leg.

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#8: Dominance humping

I’ve already mentioned that rabbits mount to show dominance.

For them, humping can help determine who the alpha is.

So when there’s trouble like:

  • Limited food.
  • Competing over mates.
  • Battling over resting spots.

They don’t use violence.

Instead, they hump.

And whoever lets themselves be mounted on…

Is the submissive one.

#9: Territorial rabbits

Bunnies may be sociable…

But they also need their private space.

Let me share a story.

In a breakfast show, “This Morning,”

A caller who has 2 female bunnies said that her fluffy buddies hump each other. She asked if the rabbits are lesbian.

As explained by vet Dr. Scott Miller

That humping behavior is more aggressive than sexual.

It means the rabbits are doing it because they’re fighting over space.

Female bunnies are more protective of their space.

And when they’re feeling territorial…

They may show behaviors such as:

  • Biting.
  • Chasing.
  • Chinning.
  • Mounting.
  • Urinating.

#10: Effect of fungal toxins

Have you ever heard of mycelium?

It’s a fungus that produces mushrooms.

Now, it’s widely known that rabbits shouldn’t eat this…

Because as research shows…

The mycotoxin found in this fungus can be poisonous to bunnies.

Furthermore, this substance is like a female hormone…

And when consumed by male rabbits…

It can result in the bunny feeling a bit girly…

And also cause serious conditions like infertility.

#11: Tryptophan-free diet

Oohh.. another scientific term.

Shall we put on our glasses for this one?

First, let’s discuss what tryptophan is. 

It’s an amino acid needed for the body’s growth.

Next, what has this got to do with bunnies?

Well, like rats and guinea pigs…

Rabbits are commonly used by scientists for behavioral studies.

And one study of serotonin (brain chemical) showed…

That feeding rabbits a diet without tryptophan…

Caused an increase in male-to-male mounting.

People also ask:

Can 2 male rabbits mate?

2 male rabbits can mate. This is considered a non-reproductive sexual behavior. And it’s a form of social interaction for the bunnies.

Do rabbits mate with the same gender?

Rabbits mate with the same gender. They practice sexual behavior not only to reproduce. They also mount other rabbits to solve conflicts.