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Are Rabbits Friendly? 11 Reasons Why… (Updated 2023)

Are Rabbits Friendly

Ding dong!

Your visitors have arrived.

And as you open the door…

Your fluffy buddy also came to welcome your guests.

Why, hello, Bunbun!” 

They seemed surprised that Bunbun was not shy at all.

So you wonder, are all rabbits as friendly as yours?

Continue reading to know:

  • Whether all rabbits are sociable.
  • If you can be your bunny’s best buddy.
  • 11 fascinating reasons why rabbits are friendly.
  • And a lot more…

Are rabbits friendly?

Rabbits are friendly. They’re social animals used to living in large groups. That said, they constantly need a companion. And that may be a fellow rabbit or their bunny parent.

11 reasons why rabbits are friendly

#1: They’re still young

Baby rabbits, a.k.a. kittens, are really lively and playful. 

They’re like cute furballs of energy running around.

Well, this is the perfect time for bonding with them.

And you can do that by regularly handling the young bunnies (really carefully).

They’d actually love when you’re petting them. That’s because kittens were used to huddling up next to their siblings.

As a result, they’ll get used to human touch…

And be friendly with you.

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#2: Friendliness is in their character

I have 2 rabbits. 

1’s really clingy and would snuggle with me. While the other is always better off alone.

And I don’t feel bad about it. 

That’s because I understand that each bunny is different.

So, some can be very friendly.

Whereas others can only tolerate your petting for a little bit… 

Or worse, they’d just stare at you cold-heartedly.

#3: They’re in the mood to play

Now that you know that each rabbit has a unique characteristic…

You can try to see if your fluffy buddy is in the friendly category.

If they are, then that’s good. You’re sure to have fun playing with them.

And that’s particularly true if they’re happy bunnies.

That said, the best times to bond with them are:

  • Evening.
  • Early morning.
  • Late afternoon.

Since studies show that those are the times the rabbits are most active.

However, for the other times of the day…

They might not be in the mood to play. And you’d want to avoid bothering them.

Next, knowing that age can affect your bunny’s mood can also be helpful.

That’s because if a bunny is 6 months to 1 year old…

They can be moody and won’t like to socialize. It’s like you’re dealing with an angsty teenager.

Well, my advice is for you to be patient with them.

Another factor in your bunny’s mood is stress.

If that’s the case, check if something’s troubling your rabbit.

Common signs are:

  • Bulging eyes.
  • Flattened ears.

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#4: They’ve been fixed

Now, don’t worry about those teens…

Because even feisty rabbits can become sociable, too.

And 1 thing that helps with that is fixing them.

First, let me explain how that works.

Fixing is removing the reproductive organs of a bunny through surgery. For male ones, it’s specifically called neutering. Whereas for females, it’s spaying.

Most vets believe this is essential if you’re not planning on breeding them.

Specialists confirm that this procedure results in the rabbit’s positive behavior.

Neutered/spayed bunnies are less likely to:

That’s why most people have observed that their fixed rabbits are friendlier.

Note: Bunnies can be neutered or spayed as early as 4 to 6 months of age.

#5: They’re social animals

According to research, almost all domestic rabbits originated from European rabbits.

And these bunnies like to form large groups and live in a rabbit warren.

As a result, your furry friend inherited this natural behavior. That’s why they love having friends.

Moreover, your rabbit can benefit from having a companion.

You see, bonded rabbits can:

  • Play.
  • Groom each other.
  • Eat and poop together.

And this results in:

  • Reduced stress.
  • Boredom prevention.

Additionally, documents show that it’s bad for a rabbit to be alone.

That’s because they’ll be more prone to diseases.

With that, it’s best for your bunny to be with a fellow rabbit.

However, if you can’t take care of 2 bunnies…

You can be your rabbit’s companion instead.

#6: Your rabbits are treated well

Now, as a good companion…

You have to give your bunny a lot of attention and interaction.

Plus, you also have to meet their needs. And those are:

  • Balanced diet.
  • Proper handling.
  • Litter box training.
  • Stimulating activities and toys.
  • Spacious and well-ventilated house.

When those demands are met…

Your rabbit will be healthy and happy. And soon after, they’ll be friendly with you.

#7: They trust you

Rabbits Are Friendly Because They Trust You

Rabbits are prey animals.

So, being afraid is in their blood. 

That’s why they often have the feeling that they’re under attack.

And they can feel that towards you, too.

So, when they’re always hiding and won’t play with you…

That means your rabbit isn’t comfortable with you yet.

But, if they always come to you and even let you pet them…

Then, your bunny trusts you completely.

“What if a rabbit plays with me even if it’s the first time we’ve met?” 

It’s because the rabbit can be naturally friendly. Plus, they’ve had good experiences with other humans.

That’s why in their memory, people are friends.

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#8: They enjoy human companionship

Did your rabbit sit beside you while you were watching TV?

Then, your rabbit loves to hang around with people, especially you.

Other things they can do are:

They just love interacting with people. That’s why they’d find ways to spend time with you.

However, I know you can’t be there for your bunny 24/7. You might need to be away for a few hours. 

If that’s the case, you can keep your rabbit busy instead. 

Give them chew toys to prevent boredom and loneliness.

Additionally, if you’ll be gone for a long time…

Have someone you trust to take care of your bunny.

#9: They’re affectionate

Rabbits have a reputation for being friendly.

Well, that’s because they’re full of love. And they normally show it through their actions.

Some of the things they’ll do to display affection are:

Let’s take a look at how these bunnies show their love:

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#10: They’re single

As I’ve said, they’re social animals. So they need to be with someone.

And if they’ve got no partner…

Then, they’ll be extra clingy with you. 

Plus, their love for you will be twice as much.

So don’t feel pressured to get a rabbit companion.

As long as you’re returning the love…

Your bunny will be just fine.

#11: They’re comfortable with other pets

Some homes have dogs, cats, and even rabbits together.

And the parents manage to make their fur babies get along.

Usually, rabbits are afraid of larger animals.

But, if you introduce your bunny to your cat or dog properly…

They can be friends.

First, you have to do this at an early age. That’s because it’s easier to train your fur babies when they’re young.

Also, do this slowly and gradually. Don’t just bring them together and leave them to bond.

And lastly, always supervise when your bunny is with another animal. Even if they’re already friends.