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13 Best Animated Movies With Rabbits (Updated 2023)

Animated Movies With Rabbits

Rabbits aren’t just cute in real life…

Any appearance they make on the silver screen’s bound to make you fall in love too.

And if you want to know which animated movies have the best rabbits…

We’ve done the homework and gathered the best for you.

Continue reading to discover:

  • The top 13 animated movies with rabbits.
  • 1 very famous bunny who stood the test of time.
  • How a timeless classic created the cutest rabbit in film history.
  • And so much more…

13 animated movies with rabbits

#1: Zootopia

If you’re a sucker for a strong plot, powerful message, and catchy jokes…

Zootopia’s the movie for you. 

In this animated film, we follow our bunny protagonist, Judy Hopps.

But what makes her so special, you ask?

Well, she isn’t your typical rabbit.

Because Judy had a dream that no one had ever done before:

To become the first bunny police officer. 

Unfortunately for her, getting there was the easy part.

Because Judy had a lot more daring challenges to overcome.

And we follow her hero’s journey…

Filled with action, comedy, and jaw-dropping plot twists. 

But the best part?

Well, all of the animals stay true to their natural characteristics. 

Nick Wilde is as cunning as every fox of his kind.

Chief Bogo’s 1 of the toughest and buffest buffalos you’ll ever see.

And even Judy the rabbit showed off some interesting facts about bunnies…

Like how their ears droop when rabbits feel sad:

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#2: Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Although this film might stretch the definition of an animated movie…

Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a classic.

Because it’s the perfect blend of live-action and animated scenes.

In fact, some even consider it a masterpiece.

And despite being released back in 1988…

It actually holds up really well versus modern movies. 

In this story, we follow our bunny protagonist Roger Rabbit.

But life suddenly takes a turn for the worst…

Because he’s framed for murder. 

And Roger’s forced to team up with a detective who hates everything about cartoons.

Plus, even if the movie loves being goofy.

It actually gets a lot of things right.

For example, we have Roger Rabbit’s hyper activeness…

Which happens to be 1 of the biggest cons of owning a rabbit

But if none of that has you convinced…

Then this iconic movie trailer should do the trick:

#3: Watership Down

If you’re expecting a heart-warming fuzzy movie…

Then Watership Down isn’t the animated film for you.

Because despite following the story of cute bunnies just trying to find a new home.…

The movie doesn’t pull any punches.

In fact, there are several moments of violence…

Like beloved characters dying in the most tragic way possible.

But does it take away from the movie’s narrative?

Not in the slightest.

Plus, the plot is worth its weight in gold.

Because it will tug on your emotions at every turn.

However, you might want to keep it away from kids…

Since cute bunnies facing horrific challenges isn’t something they should watch.

In fact, after watching the movie…

You might want to be extra careful the next time your pet rabbit tries to bite you

#4: Peter Rabbit

Sometimes, all we need in life’s a bit of light-hearted fun.

And if you’ve been feeling down and out…

Peter Rabbit’s the perfect animated movie for you.

In this film, we follow our protagonist, Peter.

A mischievous bunny who likes wearing a blue jacket…

And gets into a lot of trouble by stealing vegetables from Mr. McGregor’s garden.

In fact, you’ll get to see all the different human food rabbits can eat

Like berries, kale, and, of course, carrots. 

On top of that, it’s not just bunnies in this live-action and animated crossover.

You’ll also find birds, foxes, pigs, badgers, and so much more.

However, everything suddenly changes when Thomas McGregor moves in.

A tall and dashing young man…

But with a deep hatred for wild animals, especially Peter Rabbit.

And you’ll get to see Thomas and Peter go head to head…

Leading to an unexpected and cute twist at the very end.

#5: Peter Rabbit 2

If you enjoyed the 1st movie…

Then you’ll definitely love the sequel, Peter Rabbit 2.

In this film, we follow Peter as he faces a new challenge:

Going to the big city.

And he ends up meeting new faces…

As well as more chaos for the whole family.

So if you enjoyed the countryside setting in the 1st movie…

The new action-packed comedy sequel will take things to a whole different level.

Plus, even research agrees that jokes are great for your well-being.

And if you’ve been stressed the past few days…

Watching a funny movie about bunnies and family might just be the cure. 

Plus, the visual quality has gone up a notch too.

So apart from sharing a few laughs with the family…

You’ll also be staring at eye candy. 

In fact, it’s very consistent as well.

And you won’t be wasting any second of the 90-minute runtime. 

#6: The Secret Life of Pets

The Secret Life Of Pets

Animals are cute.

But what’s better than seeing 1 cutie pie on the silver screen?

Well, how about an entire cast of lovable pets?

And if you want to see cats, dogs, and even hamsters, team up…

Then The Secret Life of Pets will be the movie for you.

Plus, you’ll get to see every pet imaginable…

As they make their way across New York, meeting all kinds of animals on their way back home.

“But where does the bunny come in, then?”

Well, that’s the fun part.

Snowball the rabbit’s actually the main antagonist.

And while he might look small and fluffy…

He’s actually an evil mastermind with a tragic backstory.

So next time you’re playing with your bunny…

You might want to ensure your pet rabbit actually likes you.

Because for all we know…

They might be up to some evil schemes like Snowball.

#7: The Secret Life of Pets 2

The first movie was full of ups and downs.

But if you’re looking for more feel-good moments.

Not to mention, quirky jokes to help with your downtime.

Then The Secret Life of Pets 2 is a must-watch.

Once gain, we get to see all kinds of cute furballs go through many adventures.

Like going to the countryside and getting in touch with their roots.

Or planning a great escape for the trapped tiger in the circus.

“When does the cute bunny come in this time?”

Well, since Mr. Snowball found himself a brand-new home at the end of the first movie…

He’s a changed rabbit now.

And he turned to a life of saving other pets and animals.

But if you’re expecting action scenes…

You’ll find a lot of comedic sequences instead.

Because Snowball’s the best source for all kinds of rabbit memes

Especially with his bright blue and yellow superhero suit. 

#8: Bambi

There’s no better trip down memory lane than watching Bambi.

And no matter how old you get…

Watching Bambi’s story unfold will always be a treat.

Because seeing his reactions to the beauty of the forest…

Alongside the many dangers were always priceless.

Plus, there are plenty of lessons to learn too.

Like the importance of discipline.

Or how a bit of enthusiasm can light up your life.

“But isn’t Bambi a deer?”

Although Bambi might not be a fluffy bunny…

That’s not to say rabbits weren’t in this animated film.

And there’s no cuter and livelier bunny out there than Thumper.

Because he always thumps his left hind foot whenever he’s around.

In fact, Thumper’s probably the cutest rabbit in film history too. 

Plus, like every other rabbit in his nest…

Thumper’s a bunny who runs around really fast.

Something Bambi definitely learned a lot from. 

#9: Space Jam

Do you like cartoon aliens?

What about the entire cast of Looney Tunes led by Bugs Bunny?

And what if we put them all together in the 90s basketball game with Michael Jordan?

Well, if you’ve said yes to all 3 questions…

Then Space Jam from 1996 is a must-watch film for you.

It’s the perfect blend of live-action and animation…

In the most absurd and goofy premise of a basketball match to save their fate. 

Of course, don’t expect any deep storylines and plot twists.

It’s a comedy to its very core.

Because the premise is so outlandish that you can’t help but laugh.

Plus, the film will make you want to become a great basketball player too.

In fact, research says that’s a great thing.

Because the sport can have plenty of physical benefits.

And even help with mental development too.

But to top it all off, we have Bugs Bunny.

The most famous cartoon rabbit.

And if you want to see more of his charm and shenanigans…

You can also watch Space Jam: A New Legacy

#10: Rise of the Guardians

Do you remember all those fairytale characters who look after us?

Like Santa Claus who prepares gifts all year round for Christmas Eve.

Or maybe the Tooth Fairy who leaves you money for any teeth under your pillow.

Well, in Rise of the Guardians

They’re more than just fairytales.

These characters are actually guardians who protect children across the world…

Bringing joy and guarding their dreams. 

And in this animated film, we follow Jack Frost.

The guardian of winter, ice, and snow…

Who always makes sure that kids have fun.

“But who’s the rabbit in this story then?”

Well, the Easter Bunny’s here too.

And instead of bringing kids colored eggs and candy.

E. Aster Bunnymund’s a badass warrior rabbit.

Plus, if you’re wondering why he sounds so cool.

That’s because he’s voiced by Hugh Jackman.

The very same actor who played Marvel’s Wolverine. 

So if your pet rabbit feels sad

Maybe watching this animated film together might just be the solution for both of you.

#11: Alice in Wonderland

Once again, nothing beats the classics.

And if you’re looking for an animated film that blends comedy and music together…

Alice in Wonderland from 1951 is always a delight to watch.

In fact, the movie still holds up pretty well, even by today’s standards.

Plus, there are many lessons to learn as well.

Like how mistakes from the past don’t define you.

Or that our entire existence is but a lifetime of different adventures…

And there’s nothing wrong with that. 

But where’s the rabbit, you ask?

Well, the White Rabbit’s the very character who led Alice into Wonderland.

Who happens to be 1 of the more complex characters…

Because he’s neither good nor bad.

The White Rabbit was simply following orders. 

And if you ask me…

It’s also a nudge that you can teach rabbit tricks.

Like how you can train a rabbit to come to you.

#12: Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

If you want a visually stunning story captured in manual stop motion…

Then Wallace & Gromit: The Cursed of the Were-Rabbit is the animated film for you.

Unfortunately, if the name doesn’t sound too familiar…

That’s because the film was swept under the rug when it was released back in 2005.

But does that mean it was a bad film?

Not in the slightest.

In fact, it took 5 years of hard work to get the movie finished.

Plus, the story’s touching too.

As we follow Wallace and Gromit’s adventure…

And discovering the dangerous Were-Rabbit eating all the veggies in the neighborhood.

So if you’ve been looking for a feel-good and worthwhile movie to watch…

Then you should definitely add this 1 to your list.

Of course, if you have a pet rabbit at home…

You might want to keep them elsewhere when watching the movie.

Because you don’t want them getting any funny ideas about eating everything in the house.

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#13: Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit

Although this warrior rabbit seems oddly similar to another fluffy Kung Fu artist…

It’s still a fun, adventure-comedy animated film for the family to watch.

In this story, Fu the rabbit spends his life making pancakes.

But everything changes when word comes out that he’s actually a fighting prodigy.

As a result, he has to train and hone his talents.

Because a looming evil wants to crush the Kung Fu academy. 

Unfortunately, this movie didn’t do too well at the box office.

But if you have some time to kill…

And want to see a cute fluffy rabbit practice martial arts.

The Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit might just be the perfect mix of absurd and action for you. 

Fair warning though…

Your pet rabbit may stare at you a lot from now on.

Because the cute bunny might be practicing some Kung Fu moves on you in their mind.